A Lifetime of Love

Here’s a pair of time twins who shared their lives for 75 years. This remarkable account was first published in 2016 in the Long Beach Press Telegram, then again on the TODAY news site and finally in PEOPLE magazine. Although the story spread quickly throughout the Internet due to its strange coincidences, it deserves to be examined within the context of our time twin study.

Les and Helen Brown were high school sweethearts but their families disapproved the match. At the time it was thought the marriage between a wealthy man and a working-class woman would not work out. So they eloped and proved everyone wrong. According to friends and family the Browns lived together happily for seventy-five years. Perhaps the fact that they were born on the exact same date – same day, month and year – was the glue held them together.

Little is known about the OUTER lives of this pair. Les was a professional photographer and Helen was a stay-at home mom with a “knack” for buying and selling local properties. Together they practiced the Jehovah’s  Witness faith. They raised several children and enjoyed traveling together abroad. Their  interests and activities are similar to those of the average family during that period of time, So let’s see if we can find any traces of their time twin nature.

Their son, Daniel states that his parents were different but well matched. His mother was “very sweet but particular about how things should be done,” while his father was “easygoing.” Helen kept the family “humming along while Les helped her relax when life became hectic or complicated.” He added that they were “very forgiving of each other’s foibles and weaknesses. They were so willing to work at making themselves happy.” So they weren’t clones.

In 2016 the Browns celebrated their 75th anniversary.  The pair was close to their end.  Les was ill with Parkinson’s when Helen learned that she had stomach cancer. Helen held on until July 16th when she died. Les had been in a coma for some time and was completely unaware of her death. The next day he too passed away peacefully. Their son said “‘My mom often said she didn’t want to see my father die and he didn’t want to live without her.

Les Brown

Helen Brown

As we might expect with time twins, Les and Helen Brown have the same Dayology signature. They were both born on Tuesday and within the zodiac sign of Capricorn giving them the #34 MAR CAP signature. However personally different they were, they share a similar purpose in life.  Both seemed to know how to  do “the right thing” despite the many obstacles that they faced.

Individuals with this signature are not deterred from anything, at least not for very long. Having Mars as the INNER ruler makes them quick to see and act on opportunities. Saturn as their OUTER ruler does not give up even when confronted by huge obstacles. As a rule the Mars and Saturn combination tends not to work together unless they have constructive goals.

Usually there is something heroic regarding the lives of Dayology Signature #34 people. They stick to their beliefs and keep their promises. They work hard and rarely take no for an answer.  It’s interesting that right to the end of their lives, Les and Helen held firmly to their beloved bond. They departed from this earth in what clearly appears to an INNER spiritual agreement.

Time Twins