Monday is Meatloaf

Today it seems that if our daily menu does not reflect one of the popular health diets, we simply aren’t moving along. There was time when all cooks had to do was to serve the right main dish on the proper night of the week. It was a tradition that we appear to be losing.

For maybe fifty years American households ran along the track that certain chores were to be performed on particular days of the week. This tradition included also serving specific foods on certain days of the week. Each family held to their own traditions but the choices usually reflected the beliefs of their local neighborhood or religious community. One common choice was Meatloaf on Monday. The dish was chosen for the first day of the week because it was a simple meal for a day usually filled an overload of laundry.

Back in 1995 Time Life Books produced a new set of cookbooks and searched for a organizing theme. At the time there was a huge block of American homemakers who had learned to cook “at their mother’s elbow.” They were labeled as old fashioned compared to the homemakers who also had careers. Time-Life chose Everyday Cookbooks as their theme this new series of cookbooks. Monday is Meat Loaf was the first title, followed by six more: Tuesday is Chicken; Wednesday is Spaghetti; Thursday is Pot Luck; Friday is Fish; Saturday is Cookouts and Sunday is Family Dinners.

Remember when you could tell what day of the week it was by what Mom was making or Dinner? It was predictable, and comforting, and — as far as Mom was concerned — efficient. But every now and then, didn’t you wish she would give her usual meat loaf a rest and try something new? Now here’s a cookbook that not only helps you plan meals like Mom used to make but gives you a wonderful variety of recipes, too. With Monday is Meat Loaf, you can offer your family a delightfully different main-course dish every week.”

Note – This review is not meant to pat or pan this set of cookbooks. It is out of print and out of date. We are considering it as a cultural artifact providing us with information about the seven day week. However the tradition of Monday is for Meatloaf is currently being carried on by a modern cook named Tina. This blogger says that she works outside her home and must prepare her evening meals quickly. Her site of simple, healthy offerings is worth the visit!  

Moon Rulership

The Moon symbolizes nurturance
and domesticity. So it’s only natural
that comfort foods like meatloaf,
mashed potatoes and rice pudding
are ruled by Luna.

Day of the Week Dining

Our favorite foods Sunday through Saturday

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