Taco Tuesday

Why are Tacos assigned to the second day of the week?

Most people would connect Tacos to Tuesday because both words begin with the letter T and together they create a catchy phrase. There is some alliteration going on, but the link between tacos and Tuesday goes much deeper. Tacos are the perfect food for Tuesday. Here’s why!

Tuesday is the day of the week when we really get things going. Astrologically Tuesday is ruled by Mars, the red planet and god of war. This celestial body is thought to be the expression of heat, passion and activity. The best things to do on Tuesday are fast, hot and gutsy. Mars will not accept interference in the activities that are underway. Do you see where we are going?

Let’s look closely at the facts relating tacos, Tuesday and Mars, The actual procedure of making of tacos is quick and simple. Essentially a taco is a folded tortilla filled with highly seasoned mixtures of meat or beans. The ingredients for the taco fillings often include the hottest chili peppers, Jalapeño, Serrano, and Habanero, Isn’t it the unbearable heat of the taco that we love?

The origins of tacos are absolutely unknown. Katy June Friesen from the Smithsonian Museum has a interesting theory. She suggests that tacos were named after the little charges that Mexican miners used to extract minerals from the ore. These lines of gunpowder wrapped in paper were inserted into the rock face. They were called tacos de minero or miner’s tacos.

Tacos, of course, can be enjoyed on any day of the week, but folks have intuitively sensed the similar natures of this tasty tidbit and the second day of the week. Taco Tuesday is now strongly a part of popular culture. Every child knows what to expect when Taco Tuesday appears on their school menu. Restaurants and bars that advertise Taco Tuesdays attract rowdy crowds.

According to The Strange History Of Taco Tuesday, the phrase “Taco Tuesday” was trademarked by Taco John, by a fast food chain in 1999. It is reported that from time to time they send out bothersome cease and desist letters to those they feel are infringing on their rights. While the law may be on their side, the planet Mars whets our appetite for tacos on Tuesday.

Mars Rulership

The planet Mars rules hot peppers,
fast cars and firecrackers because
these things activate us. The same
is true for Tuesday!

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