And Baby Makes Three

Little Archie joins the royal family.

Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex have moved from being a couple and are now a family. They have presented Archie, their first born son, to the British people and the world. The child is Queen Elizabeth’s eighth great grandchild and seventh in line for the throne. The rules to the British line of succession and receiving titles isn’t all that simple. Here’s how it goes. First in line is her oldest child, Prince Charles. As heir apparent he must wait until his mother’s death or she abdicates. After him comes his oldest child, Prince William. Next in line is his oldest child Prince George, followed by his sister, Princess Charlotte and younger brother, Prince Louis,

So there isn’t much of a chance of Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor ever wearing the British crown. Of course any shift in standing could change all that. As of now he is not entitled to be addressed as Prince or “your highness.”  In fact his parents declined any title whatsoever because they want to raise their son as a private citizen. During the presentation Meghan exclaimed “It’s magic, … I have the two best guys in the world, so I’m really happy.” When asked about the newborn’s temperament, she replied  “he has the greatest temperament in the world; he’s really calm.” after which his father quipped “I don’t know who he gets that from.

The Dayology Analysis

Prince Harry

Meghan Markle


Little Archie was born on a Monday and in the zodiac sign of Taurus. This gives him the #14 MON TAU Dayology signature. His INNER and OUTER rulers, Moon and Venus, create a sensitive and loving child. This is one of the softer planetary combinations and makes a person quite likable. So he will not mind being cuddled or being spoiled,

Actually Archie will be quite unlike either of his parents. They apparently are surprised regarding his “calm temperament.” The Dayology energies of his personal signature are dissimilar to those of his mother or father. As sweet as Archie may be, he could be hard to raise because he has his own needs and way of expressing himself. He will not be as serious as his father or as exuberant as his mother. Pleasing others could be Archie’s downfall and he may also sense a great deal more about his experiences than he shows.

As much as Archie is sure to be loved by his mother, she will find him stubborn at times. This is due to a square between their Sun Signs. The child will experience a strong bond with his father. Their Sun Signs are Virgo and Taurus, both of the Earth element. They will enjoy performing practical or outdoor activities together. By the way, Taurus is a sign of wealth and beauty. Archie’s great grandmother, the queen, is also a Taurus. They may share a taste for beautiful artifacts  and he will benefit from her personal attention.

It’s a fact that Archie will be his own person, He is unlike any royal who has preceded him. For one thing he is the first member of the British royal family to be eligible for U.S. citizenship. This is because his mother is American. Another factor contributing to the child’s unique identity is that his parents see their marriage as a public example. Harry and Meghan want to challenge racial prejudices and, no doubt, Archie (and any more offspring to come) will play an important part in this effort.

UPDATE – Good Reads reports that Finding Freedom is the latest book about Harry, Megan and Baby Archie. Supposedly it is their side of the royal story and attempts to dispel the ugly myths which are circulating around them. The account is the result of 100 interviews with individuals who were closely acquainted with the couple and covers their courtship, marriage, plus the birth and childrearing of Little Archie who, by the way, looks more like his father as he gets older.

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