Two of a Kind

Ellen Page and  Emma Portner are in it for life. This pair of incredibly talented individuals took the plunge and right now they are figuring out who they are in their relationship. Some aspects of our personalities change when we marry; others do not. We have a choice about some of these changes. Other shifts just happen and Dayology can peg them.

The usual advice “to not sweat the small stuff” is quite applicable here. Getting together was the big move for this couple. Destined might be another way of putting it. Both Page and Portner have commented that from the moment they first saw each other’s performances they felt “connected.”  Emma states “I watched one of Ellen’s films when I was about 12 and I remember my friend saying: You are just like this girl. …. I knew we’d cross paths someday – I just wasn’t quite sure when or how.” Ellen stated that after coming across one of Emma’s dance videos she was transfixed. “I thought: ‘Damn, this girl is so talented and so cool. I knew right away we were both creative spirits.”

As to exactly “when or how” Page and Portner met it is not clear and that is okay. Some mystery is nice. Still the  absence of details prompts use to imagine how extraordinary for each of them to find themselves in the company of someone they admired and obviously admired them. It’s a clear case of identification and projection, but it works as a strong attraction. Now they have met and married, Page and Portner tell us they are acting on their mutual desires to live and perform as gay women. Their intention is to establish new models of femininity and contribute to causes which promote gender identity freedom.

The Dayology Report

Eliot/Ellen Page

Emma Portner

Both Ellen Page and Emma Portner were born on Saturday. They have obviously  recognized a deep Saturnine streak in one another. Shared Saturn INNER rulers means they are two of a kind and could continue on together indefinitely. They  both have the potential to become rock solid authorities in their fields. The challenge of this dynamic is not to let things become old and dry.

Actually there is little chance of things getting dull as long as these two mix-up their personal outlooks. Even though they were born in different zodiac signs, they have broad-minded Jupiter as their OUTER ruler. Their tastes run wide and wild. Their basic difference is the one of element. Watery Pisces makes Page sentimental and the fiery Sagittarius of Portner is idealistic.