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All week long DiCaprio’s new documentary, Ice on Fire, has been viewed on HBO. Many reviewers were  apparently pleasantly surprised to hear that climate change can be halted or even reversed. DiCaprio profiles a number of creative technologies being developed right now. Now we we know that carbon capture is possible. The dilemma is how to put it into widespread use.

This isn’t DiCaprio’s first attempt to warn us. In 2016 he produced Before the Flood in connection with National Geographic Films. He and Fisher Stevens documented the devastating impacts of global warning all over the globe. They won the 2016 Hollywood Documentary Award, but at the time it did little to change the attitudes and action of the actual offenders.

DiCaprio has been a film and television performer since he was a child. His breakout role in Titanic made him a star. Then he established the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, an organization dedicated to the protection and well being of all Earth’s inhabitants. It’s three stated aims are to focus on global warming, preserve Earth’s biodiversity and support renewable energy. If we aren’t part of the solution, we are part of the problem.

Climate change is real, it is happening right now,
it is the most urgent threat facing our entire species,
and we need to work collectively together
and stop procrastinating,”

~ Leonardo DiCaprio

Experts tell us that we have only a decade to make purposeful change. After that the forces on this planet will get out of hand. We may not be able to establish charitable foundations or produce documentaries like Leonardo DiCaprio, but there are things we can do. We can exercise our purchasing power and elect candidates who truly represent our interests.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo Dicaprio was born on a Monday and in the zodiac sign Scorpio. His #20 Dayology signature gives him a strong emotional nature, one that is oddly gentle and yet confrontive when it needs to be so. His attitude is generally positive but he is a very complex being.

Monday-ruled individuals feel very connected to the feminine side of nature. Traditionally Monday women tend to take on the procreative and nurturing roles in society. Monday Men are strong protectors of the Moon functions. Many leading men in film have The Moon as their Day ray or Sun Sign ruler. They possess an unexpected INNER softness that females love.

Dicaprio has an extraordinary bond with his mother, Irmelin IndenbirkenShe raised him as a single mom for most of his childhood. He’s obviously fine with appearing with her at important Hollywood events. He brought her as his date to the 2016 Oscar Awards.

A Scorpio Sun Sign gives DiCaprio Mars or maybe Pluto as an OUTER Ruler. Either way, he is generally private about his passions and his strategies for satisfying them. Sometimes he “gestates” his ideas until he feels the world is ready for them. The result is that DiCaprio  doesn’t let people push him into things that do not feel right to him.

Scorpios have a dark/light split in their nature. Many of these folks deny the impact of their transgressions. DiCaprio has taken this split to the next level. He is attempting to understand and point out humanities past wrongs to set things straight.

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