Ancient Aliens

Despite the efforts to debunk the alien visitations by skeptics the Ancient Aliens television series remains an incredibly popular way to consider the earth being visited by spacemen. While my personal belief system is open to endless possibilities and even spiritual hierarchies in faraway galaxies, I have often felt that these shows could take any artifact and infer an unearthly association simply by saying “according to Ancient Alien Theorists.”

Who can blame humanity for creating trying to make sense of things we do not understand? Actually the way that the commercial media shapes public opinion leaves much to be desired. Just consider our ecological mess. Right now the true ambiguity of life is being dropped for assurances that a meaningless material existence is its own reward. Humans all over the globe are narrowing their consciousness by viewing so much programmed material and communicating in such a base or hateful manner.

The existence of superhuman activity on this planet has been espoused by the faiths of many cultures. We really have to wonder why laggard humanity would interest advanced beings. My opinion is that the human race is unique in that we have incredible potential yet we allow ourselves to be trapped by just a few exploitative beings of our own kind. So I think It’s a matter of making ourselves  wake up and accept our own power.

So how did this popular notion of alien visitation come about? Two astrophysicists Iosif Shklovsky and Carl Sagan discussed the possibility of alien visitation in Intelligent Life in the Universe (1966). Still it wasn’t until Erich von Däniken – Chariots of the Gods 1968  and, Zecharia Sitchin –The 12th Planet, 1976  advanced their theories, that the subject was discussed outside of the scientific community. Many of these readers also subscribed to the ideas of Alien Abduction which is not necessarily a part of this concept.

Erich von Däniken

Zecharia Sitchin

Both Erich von Däniken and Zecharia Stichin were born on Sunday. They share the INNER SUN quality of being very sure of themselves and possessing strong feelings about the following of readers that they were gathering. Both took great risks with their professional reputations and withstood the strong criticism of conventional thinkers. Both were labeled as quacks at periods of their careers.  Surely von Däniken and Stichin must have been aware of each other’s work but to our knowledge no specific comments have been published online.

The OUTER lives of these two authors are contrasted due to the fact that they were born different zodiac signs. The fiery unrestrained zodiac sign of Aries influenced the personality of von Däniken. Sitchin’s professional work was nursed along by the watery sign Cancer. The elements -fire and water- describe OUTER styles. von Däniken was fearless in his assertions, while Sitchin took his time forming impressions and interpretations of the Summerian texts. Astrologically Aries and Cancer are cardinal in astrological mode meaning they are best seen as crusaders most often with unintentional effects following in their wake.

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