Pasta on Wednesday

There’s an old New England tradition of serving pasta for Wednesday might supper. In fact there’s a story of how it got started. In 1912 a small company began on Prince Street in Boston’s North End. 100 years later Prince is part of Riviana Foods Inc. and still producing a wide line of pasta products all reflecting the old and today’s tastes.

Along the way television was invented and a popular advertisement was created that influenced the tastes of a region. in 1969 a schoolboy was running home because, like everyone who watched this commercial,  he knew that Prince Spaghetti was always served for Wednesday supper. The slogan Wednesday is Spaghetti Day evolved and several generations kept this ritual. We are not certain if this day of the week tradition is being carried on today. We would love to hear from viewers who have served pasta on Wednesday, CONTACT US.

The thing about pasta is that it comes in all sorts of sizes and shapes. And while pasta is always delicious, its flavor of pasta is altered ever so slightly by it’s ingredients. For these reasons Dayology agrees that pasta is best appreciated on Wednesday, when our mental discernment is at its peak, We have the capacity to notice subtle differences in items, functions and ideas on this particular day of the week. Thus our health, dietary and financial decisions can rest upon good information.

Did you know that October is National Pasta Month, so we have an excuse to serve pasta everyday night of these 30 days. There are so many shapes and sauces to choose from. Wil Fulton’s Illustrated Pasta Guide offers photos of all the major pasta shapes.  Bon Appetit offers recipes for 85 Homemade Pasta Sauces that aren’t Marinara. If you don’t cook read the Eat this Not That feature on the 11 best bottled past sauces.  And finally  Perfect Pairings helps us to match the shapes of pasta with the right sauce. Now should the wine be red or white?

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