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It’s a good thing when we realize that we are carrying around too much weight and make it our business to lose some of it. But it’s even better to learn why the pounds are adding up and change our daily habits to look and feel our best every day of our lives.

Yes, it’s easy for most everyone to gain weight and it’s hard to lose it. Still the equation is that a reduction of calories and an increase in activity results in a reduction of weight. Each of our situations are a bit different but What’s Gone Wrong on The Healthy George website provides a good explanation of how of various kinds of unwanted weight gain occurs. And the CDC’s Health Effects of Overweight and Obesity reveals its deadly nature. In Obesity in America it is reported that 40% of Americans are considered obese, and 18% are severely obese.

The Before and After of Noah Hill

Even the “the beautiful ones” of stage, screen and media are now admitting to carrying around unwanted weight. There are hundreds of “Celebrity” before and after photos published on the Internet. Some of their solutions are financially workable for the average person; others are not. Some of their regimens are “fads” and others are medical.

As a dedicated Dayologist all this information is like a box of candy. I couldn’t resist entering these yummy facts into The Dayology Data Base and giving it a comprehensive analysis. 201 famous individuals were found who have gained a significant amount of body weight and then found ways to lose it.

The Dayology Analysis

Our conclusion is that this study is a good start in learning how to enter names and birth data, calculate signatures and add info. No matter how many examples we might locate this inquiry has too many variables regarding weight gain and loss to be certain of anything. Still our results suggest that people born on Wednesday may have a slight edge in shedding extra pounds. That conforms with the traditional astrology archetype of Mercury (Wednesday’s ruler) role as a healer and problem solver.

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