More Friday Protests

Jane Fonda was arrested for the second time in two weeks. This Friday she and other concerned figures, like fellow actor Sam Waterston,  were protesting on the U.S. Capitol steps. She told reporters that she is moving temporarily to Washington DC and expects to “apprehended” on Fridays for the next 14 weeks. Fire Drill Fridays  is the name they are giving to this effort.

Fonda explains that she wants to build on the activism of sixteen year-old Greta Thunberg. For over a year this young girl has skipped school on Fridays to bring attention to climate change. At her address to the U.N. she described our environmental situation as a burning house. Fonda’s target audience is people like herself, “people who try to cut their plastic use and improve their gas mileage, for instance, but otherwise “don’t know what to do and they feel helpless.”

Unified legislation is needed to set the world in the same direction.  Fonda and Waterston are pushing for the Green New Deal to be enacted in the U.S. They explained that Fire Drill Fridays will draw attention to the environmental destruction being wrought by humankind’s unremitting fossil fuel use. In the future they hope to be joined by scientists, celebrities, and community leaders to pressure lawmakers to take action on this incredibly critical matter.

Jane Fonda

Sam Waterston

Jane Fonda was born on a Tuesday in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Mars is her INNER Ruler and Jupiter her OUTER Ruler. Her #33 Signature creates a spiritual courageousness. Outwardly she is far seeing and adventurous. She may leap before she looks, but she generally lands on her feet.

Sam Waterston was born on a Friday in the zodiac sign of Scorpio. Venus is his INNER Ruler and Mars is his OUTER Ruler. The #68 Signature gives him a kind and inspired spirit nature with a low key but crusading personality. For years he played a District Attorney on Law and Order.

The signatures of these two activist/actors are very different, but they have something in common. Mars rules the Day Ray of Jane Fonda and the Sun Sign of Sam Waterston. Whenever people share the same INNER and OUTER ruler they have much to offer one another.