Lady Diana’s Ring

The engagement ring of Lady Di is quite possibly the most tragic piece of jewelry on the planet. And it may be the most replicated item of all time. Diana Spencer and Prince Charles announced their engagement in February 1981. They were supposedly “over the moon” regarding the news but actually they looked quite awkward. He seemed just a bit too remote and she was clearly unsure of herself. At the time we attributed their discomfort to “formalities”  or “nerves.”

The star of this event was her dazzling sapphire engagement ring.  Her choice of rings was surprising. In certain corners of the empire it was deemed as inappropriate. Instead of having a ring designed uniquely for her, Diana chose one from a Garrard catalog which was available to anyone with the means. Never the less, the ring was beautiful, consisting of a 12-carat oval Ceylon sapphire encircled by 14 solitaire diamonds and set simply in 18-karat white gold.

There’s a backstory to every event and this one is no exception. Beautiful engagement rings do not guarantee marital happiness. Diana’s fractured marriage was not her fault. She wasn’t let in on the big secret. Prince Charles loved another woman that he could never marry, but he just couldn’t give her up. It was discovered later that Charles had seen his mistress, Camilla Parker Bowles,the night before his wedding to Diana. And  nothing could stop him from seeing her on the sly. ​Charles and Camilla are married now!

Dayology Analysis

Princess Diana

Prince Charles

OUTWARDLY this royal relationship might have been judged “a good match”  since the Sun Signs of Charles and Diana were both of the water element. He was a Scorpio and she was a Cancer, so they both functioned greatly through their emotions. Had the two of them shared their intimate feelings, their marriage might have had a chance. Unfortunately under stress Scorpios scheme and Cancers shut down.

As to their Day Rays, Prince Charles was born on Sunday and Diana is Saturday’s child. Sunday types like to feel they are right even when they are not. Saturday types take things seriously, even when they shouldn’t. These two individuals could not mesh their personal concerns. Charles  had to find a royal wife and continue the royal lineage.  Diana simply yearned to be loved. This arrangement was doomed.

The sapphire ring is now on the hand of Kate Middleton, the lovely wife of one of Diana’s sons. It is considered one of the most valuable pieces of jewelry on earth, not because of its distinctiveness, but as a matter of sentimentality. Just to speak of Diana’s Ring brings up all our feelings about her broken heart, failed marriage and unexpected death. Keep in mind that Diana loved this ring. It did not create her suffering. It simply witnessed a difficult life and helped her to carry on.

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