The Inner and the Outer

Have you ever felt that you are more than your physical body or the role that you play in life? Well, you should trust those feelings! According to Dayology we each have two selves. One self, the OUTER, is seen by everyone and the other, the INNER, is barely known to anyone. And if we make it our goal, we can merge these two selves into just one life-affirming being.

THE INNER SELF –  The Seven Day Ray Types       

The day of the week on which we are informs us about our INNER SELF. There are seven different spiritual natures each with its own qualities, abilities and purposes. Our inward being is the creation of our spirit. Everyone’s INNER SELVES reside together in the INNER Worlds.

Put very simply, our INNER SELF reflects our soul and all its spiritual functions. It is through our INNER SELF that we communicate and stay in contact with all sparks of creation. Yes, that means other people, animals and all of creation. Our INNER SELF sends its hopes and dreams to us for encouragement. It provides us with  guidance and healing when we stay in touch.

THE OUTER SELF – The Twelve Sun Sign Types

The zodiac sign in which we were born determines our OUTER SELF. There are twelve different personality natures each with its own OUTER qualities, abilities and lessons. Together these twelve types make up the totality of humanity regardless of where on Earth we live, what we look like, how we behave or whatever might we believe.

Our OUTER SELF is composed of our physical body and its two other interpenetrating bodies —  emotional and mental. Our Outer Self is the set of vehicles through which our personalities navigate the physical world and interact in transformative experiences.

THE WHOLE SELF – The 84 Dayology Signatures

Your WHOLE self takes shape when both parts of your nature (INNER and OUTER) are active and working together. Young children dwell almost exclusively in their INNER SELVES. They quickly switch over to their OUTER SELVES as they are introduced to the rewards of the world.

Adults work primarily through their OUTER Selves. They tend to believe that this grounding will bring them material success, but they risk becoming one-sided. Individuals who are creative, meditative, or service-oriented can easily switch back and forth.  These folks don’t always “make it big”, but they are fulfilling their purpose and satisfying true needs.

With effort anyone can operate through their INNER and OUTER aspects separately and then simultaneously. Doing so allows us to tune into our SPIRITUAL intentions and create new physical realities. Yes, we might have to give up some selfish habits and switch around our priorities. We are living our purpose when these two selves and their two worlds merge.

Being our WHOLE SELVES is different for each person. It all depends upon the nature of the Day Rays and Sun Signs that compose our Dayology Signatures. Each of these 84 combinations provides certain gifts and challenges for our benefit as individuals and those around us.

Dayology Background