The Inner and the Outer

Have you ever felt that you are more than the role that you play in life. Well, you should trust those feelings! According to the Ageless Wisdom we each have two distinct selves.  One self, the OUTER, can be clearly seen by everyone and the other, the INNER, is barely known.

Our two selves generally operate independently, but if we make the effort, we can merge them into one incredible life-affirming being. This simple action makes total sense of our lives, Fortunately we have Dayology to help us identify and join these two aspects our of life.

The Inner Self

The Seven Day Ray Types       

The day of the week on which we are born informs us about our INNER SELF. There are seven different spiritual natures each with its own qualities, abilities and purposes. Our inward being is the expression of our spirit. The INNER SELVES of everyone reside together in the INNER Worlds.

Put very simply, our INNER SELF reflects our soul and all its spiritual functions. It is through our INNER SELF that we communicate and stay in contact with all life forms. Yes, that means other people, animals and all of creation. Our INNER SELF communicates its hopes and dreams to us for encouragement. It provides us with guidance and healing when we stay in touch.

The Outer Self

The Twelve Sun Sign Types

The zodiac sign in which we were born determines our OUTER SELF. There are twelve different personality natures each with its own OUTER qualities, abilities and life lessons. Together these twelve types make up the totality of humanity regardless of where on Earth as individuals we live, what we look like, how we behave or whatever might we believe.

Our OUTER SELF is composed of our physical body and its two other interpenetrating bodies —  the emotional and the mental. Our OUTER nature is the combined set of vehicles through which our “personalities” navigate the physical world and interact in transformative experiences.

The Whole Self

The 84 Dayology Signatures

Your WHOLE self takes shape when both parts of your nature (INNER and OUTER) are working together. Very young children dwell almost exclusively in their INNER SELVES. They quickly switch over to their OUTER SELVES as they are introduced to the rewards of the OUTER world.

Most adults work primarily through their OUTER Selves. They believe that this action will bring them worldly success, but they risk becoming materialistic. Creative, meditative, or service-oriented individuals switch back and forth more easily from one mode to another. These folks don’t always “make it big”, but they are fulfilling their purpose and satisfying their true needs.

Merging Our Two Selves
to Create Wholeness

There are times when things are going smoothly and we feel “one with everything.” And there are also times when we feel “all alone and totally separated.” If closely examined these states don’t really have much to do with our immediate actions or their inevitable results. They have more to do with our attitudes toward life on this planet and the lifeforms who are also living here.

When we are only looking after our OUTER selves, we miss much of what is really going on around around us. In doing so, we are not protecting ourselves from life’s hardships. As we harden our hearts, we make it impossible to see all the choices that are available to us. It also prevents us from accepting others as spiritual beings with all the rights that we demand for ourself.

It is when we recognize that is difficult for everyone, at one time or another, that we begin to understand the power of our INNER SELVES to “escort” us through these “tough spots.” Our INNER SELVES encourage us to avoid troublesome behaviors and share our collective burdens while the OUTER SELVES learn the lessons that are lined up for us to face and master.

With effort anyone can discern the difference between the INNER and OUTER aspects of their natures. The trick is to experience them simultaneously. We must learn to register our personal situations and those of others in nearly the same manner. We try to see the best outcome for all involved and we understand that there may be even better solutions offered by others.

Using our OUTER and INNER SELVES to navigate lets us to tune into our SPIRITUAL INTENTIONS and create new PHYSICAL REALITIES. Allowing humanity to become INWARDLY and OUTWARDLY WHOLE is the only way that the disturbances on this small planet can be set right. We may have to switch around our priorities and give up some selfish habits, but WHOLENESS is worth it.

It is impossible right now to know what sort of existence our WHOLE SELVES may eventually originate but we can see first hand the problems that collectively our OUTER SELVES have created for us to solve. We must work together in small but important ways. We have to let our INNER SELVES determine the way that our lives are guided and the ways that we get along.

Yes, things are going to be changing one way or the other. We cannot keep on exploiting the planet and disrespecting one-another, and expect good things to happen. We can slow down the disasters that are on their way by changing our individual and collective ways. Humans must work individually to become WHOLE beings and together to RECREATE a WHOLE world.


The Dayology message is that being WHOLE is different for each person. In this innovative typology system everything depends upon the nature of the Day Ray and and Sun Sign making up the individual Dayology Signature. Each of these 84 combinations of INNER and OUTER energies provides certain gifts and challenges to benefit of ourselves and those around us. We live our purpose as our INNER AND OUTER SELVES and their two worlds merge.

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