April 4th is the Day!

You are personally invited to participate in an event of enormous proportions and you don’t have to spend a dime or leave your home. Millions of conscientious individuals are joining together spiritually for twenty minutes to meditate for global health, peace and abundance. While a detailed program is offered for people to follow, how we choose to deal with the energies of the day is up to us.

The date of this event is Saturday, April 4, 2020. The time is 2:45 AM UTC. This particular day was selected by WeLoveMassMeditation for because from Earth’s vantage point, two transformative planets, Jupiter and Pluto, are in exact alignment. Actually for a month this Jupiter/Pluto energy has been building up. On Saturday Jupiter moves into its release or dissemination phase. This means that the energy is now accessible to make the changes that humanity requires for wholeness. We have about six months to turn things around or we may actually miss the last bus out of town.

It has been stated that the purpose of this group meditation is to end the spread of the Coronavirus and heal the residents of the planet in whatever manner is needed. We might be quick to dismiss this second goal, but it is more important than the first. We will get through this infection, but other contagions will come if we don’t face our situation on this planet. Most humans do not experience anything resembling optimal physical health due to starvation, disease and pollution. And humanity itself is in pretty bad shape especially in the manner that it divides itself up with hate.

Let’s get back to the Jupiter Pluto conjunction. BREADTH and DEPTH are the keywords of these two planets. Jupiter is expansive and Pluto is penetrating. Together they create an energy surge that is overwhelming to our everyday senses. We may feel so pushed to the limits that it is difficult to know how to respond. We need to trust our hearts and practice the Golden Rule. The Jupiter/Pluto energies mean to some the end of life as they’ve known it. For others it will allow them to experience their existence fully. What we get out of life, depends upon what we are willing to put into it.

While Jupiter is the harbinger of joy and Pluto acts as a transformer, it must be understood that the forward movement of this conjunction takes place in the deadly serious zodiac sign of Capricorn. The cosmic goat prefers organization to upheaval. So the more purposeful we are the better things will work out. We must clear our motivations, and avoid getting stuck on superficial details. It is essential to recognize the inherent energy in things and disregard terms that might be strange to us.

The April 4th configuration is an opportunity to move into another level of consciousness. Jupiter goes into retrograde motion in May and may cause some confusion as to how this awareness is to be put into action, Various groups may interpret this energy differently based upon their underlying beliefs, The final peak of this configuration occurs in early November and will very likely influence the outcome of the U.S. elections. The knowledge that reconstructive action is being supported by Jupiter and Pluto should encourage activists to push their creative and humane agendas.

Finally we need to put the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction into context. Jupiter is simply following the path that Saturn has taken for the past year or two. Much of the hardships that we are experiencing now is the result of the Saturn/ Pluto planetary pairing. Saturn represents the hard reality of the past while Pluto operates as a depth charge for social injustice. Saturn has helps us identify rigid and dictatorial forms of government, while Pluto shows us how to stand up to them. Now for a short period of time Jupiter and Pluto provides us the opportunity to exercise our good will and transform our lives.

For years astrologers have looked forward to these configurations to challenge and rebuild our foundations of society, but who could guess what slime would be seeping out? What we are seeing is the undisclosed aspects of everyday human nature playing right out in the open. Now that these deadly problems can be recognized, we can do something about them. It is totally up to us.

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