Republicans Against Trump

This weekend a controversial article appeared on the editorial pages of many local papers. We’re not Democrats, but Trump must go.” was the title of the piece.This stunning piece of commentary was placed beneath a political cartoon portraying Donald Trump choosing his position of U.S. President over the health of the American people.

Appeared in The New Mexican – 4/19/2020

The despicable situation depicted in this political cartoon angers the five subjects of this article, These experienced political consultants, George T. Conway II, Reed Galen, Steve Schmidt, John Weaver and Rick Wilson, represent mission of The Lincoln Group which is to defeat Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election. They are supporting the Democratic candidate Joe Biden and they are only too willing to point out the differences between the two men.

“Biden’s life is been marked by triumphs that did change the goodness in him,
and he is a man for whom public service never went to his head. His long record of bipartisan friendship and cross-partisan legislative effort commends him to this
moment. He is an imperfect man, but a man who loves his country and its people
with a broad smile and an open heart.”
“In this way, Trump is a photonegative of Joe Biden. While Trump has innumerable
flaws and a lifetime of blaming others for them, Biden has long admitted his
imperfections and in doing so has further illustrated his inherent goodness and
his willingness to do the work necessary to help put the United States back on
a path of health and prosperity.”

Steve Schmidt

George T. Conway III

John Weaver

Rick Williams

Two of this group, Steve Schmidt and George Conway, were born on Monday. They live through their feelings and act as “canaries in a coal mine.” They alert us to the problems that could get in the way of healthy relating. These two guys were born in different Sun Signs. Schmidt is a Libra giving him an intuitive sense of balance. Conway, a Virgo, responds more methodically.

Rick Wilson was born in the zodiac sign of Scorpio. He possesses the ability to see beneath surfaces and perform well as strategists. They share the same Mars Day Ray.  John Weaver, was born in Aries, also ruled by Mars. He is always on this toes and ready to act. His Wednesday Day Ray makes him thoughtful as to how he should best act. Rick Wilson’s Thursday INNER ruler is Jupiter which gives him the larger picture regarding social situations. The group obviously works well together.

 The predominant energies of this group are Monday (Moon) and Scorpio/Aries (Mars). The combination of energies creates a great deal of emotional feeling and tremendous courage. Unfortunately there is no birth data online for the fifth member of this group, Reed Galen. We would like to determine his Dayology signature and see how he fits in.

UPDATE – The Lincoln Project has joined the calls for President Trump’s impeachment as pro-Trump rioters overtook the Capitol building on January 6. 2021. “This is no longer simply about Donald Trump’s charade,” their statement continued. “It is an armed, violent, and planned insurrection against the United States of America.  It is a moment where the tenets of Trumpism replaced the tenets of American democracy with the inevitable, violent results.”

Here are two more Republicans Against Trump. Jennifer Horn was one of the co-founders with her Monday Day Ray is an emotional fit with Steve Schmidt and George T. Conway III. Susan Del Percio was a Republican consultant and is now a Senior Advisor for the Lincoln Project. Her Wednesday and Scorpio energies work well with John Weaver and Rick Williams.

Jennifer Horn

Susan Del Percio

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