For a Good Cause

Red Nose day is one of those holidays that falls on Thursday every year. To be more precise, it always take place on the last Thursday of May. That means that it occurs on May 21st this year. Give yourself the opportunity to create some smiles in your own life and better the lives of others..

This charity is a nonprofit program of the Comic Relief U.S. organization. It raises funds and makes grants to groups that can drive positive social change all over the world. It works hand and hand with its partner, Comic Relief UK. for many causes. In this case the symbol of the red nose encourages people to get “nosy” about what it would take to end child poverty.

Usually on Red Nose Day people wear their noses all day long. This year, due to the necessity of adhering to social distancing rules, Walgreens will not being selling these silly appendages in their stores. But you can unlock your own digital Red Nose online and send it everyone you know. Hopefully they will respond by joining in the fun and following your altruistic example. .

This year’s holiday will be celebrated on a special night of programming on NBC. The show will hosted by comedian, Jack Black. with musical performances from Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, OneRepublic, Ellie Goulding, Sam Smith, James Taylor, Meghan Trainor, and Adrienne Warren. You can expect to be entertained by Steve Martin, Jim Gaffigan, Tony Hale, Ray Romano, and more.

Dayology Analysis

Red Nose Day is one of those holidays that always falls on Thursday, which makes it ruled by Jupiter. This planet is notorious for its joviality, expansiveness and good will. The gentle, humorous and well-meaning clown is certainly an appropriate emblem for expressing these positive energies. This planetary energy lifts us into another world wjere we are free of our cares and woes.

This year May 21, 2020 falls on the cusp between the two signs of Taurus and Gemini, Thursday in Taurus asks us to express our generosity through our resources to improve the material situation of others,. With the influence of Gemini added in, we must employ our minds to find new ways of achieving this worthy goal while we recover from the pandemic.

Watch British singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran, sing  What Do I Know?

It’s about his experiences in the 2018 Red Nose Day program.