He Admits “IT” was Wrong!

Friday a reversal of the NFL policy on player protests was announced. The remarks of Roger Goodel came after he was portrayed as sincere regarding the controversial deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. In the past the NFL management has prevented their players from voicing the truth about racism in sports and law enforcement.

We, the National Football League,
condemn racism and the systematic
oppression of black people,”
Goodell said. “We, the National
Football League, admit we
were wrong for not listening
to the NFL players earlier and
encourage all to speak out and
peacefully protest, “

“We, the National Football League,
believe black lives matter. I personally
protest with you and want to be part
of the much needed change in this
country. Without blackplayers there
would be no National Football League.
And the protests around the country
are emblematic of the centuries
of silence, inequality and
oppression of black players,
coaches, fans and staff.”

Roger Goodell‘s statement was made in response to A CALL by prominent black NFL players. These courageous individuals include: Saquon Barkly, Tyrann MathieuDeAndre HopkinsOdell Beckham Jr.Patrick MahomesEzekiel Elliott, Chase Young, and Deshaun Watson. The question is why was racial discrimination in professional football permitted until now? The answer is public pressure.

Roger S. Goodell

Roger Goodel was born on a Thursday in the zodiac sign of Aquarius. This makes Jupiter the ruler of his INNER Self and either Saturn or Uranus as his OUTER ruler, The Dayology Signature #59 THU AQU creates some powerful individuals who are difficult to understand. While these folks can be forward in their thinking, sometimes they are firm in the execution of their duties.

This contradiction comes from the dynamics of the #59 THU AQU signature. Jupiter as the Day Ray makes these individuals popular. Their basic outlook is positive regarding their own goals and and any hopes they may have for humanity. Usually they act to hold their ground, however, it things change, they will shift their positions to be among those who are abreast of the times.

As stated earlier, that #59 THU AQU individuals have issues regarding having Saturn or Uranus and their OUTER rulers. They can insist on harsh enforcement of the law and then try to break through restrictive conditions. They may be sincere in each instance, they just aren’t that predictable in their personal and professional behaviors.

Roger Goodell is currently the Commissioner of the National Football League. After receiving a degree in economics, Goodell’s career in professional football began In 1982 as an intern to Commissioner Pete Rozelle. While Goodell has been involved in all aspects of the organization, he sees his primary responsibility as “protecting the integrity of the game and making it safer.”

It has been pointed out that no reference was made to Colin Kaepnerick in Goodell’s apology. It is explained in The New Face of Nike, that Kaepnerick was the first of the NFL players dropped from the league for peacefully “taking a knee” during the playing of the national anthem.

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