His Last Covid-19 Briefing

New York governor, Andrew Cuomo, made his last televised coronavirus briefing today. After one hundred and eleven continuous appearances, including Saturdays and Sundays, he feels that his state is in relatively good shape, providing that its people abide by the precautions which have greatly decreased the number of infections and deaths of all New Yorkers.

Cuomo began these broadcasts as President Trump was telling Americans that COVID-19 would simply disappear. During the initial breakout Cuomo was the sole source of accurate information regarding the spread of the pandemic. He helped to coordinate the efforts and resources of the states in broad manner which was actually the responsibility of the federal government. And Cuomo became the nation’s comforter of the concerned as he reported shortages of medical supplies, unnecessary deaths, dedicated medical workers, and astounding recoveries.

With this last Covid-19 briefing, Cuomo’s critics feel justified in pointing out the chinks in his armor. They are simply stating the problems that anyone in this situation would have faced. What these folks forget is that Cuomo stood up to one of largest challenges the modern world has ever encountered. And he had to confront the callous, ignorant behavior of President Trump and his administration. Cuomo put his best qualities in service of the public and set the wheels in motion. He consulted medical science and conveyed the facts. Looking back at what he accomplished Cuomo reenacted the heroic St. George and the Dragon archetype.

The Dayology Analysis

Andrew Cuomo

Andrew Cuomo was born on a Friday in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. This make Venus the ruler of his INNER Self and gives Jupiter charge of his OUTER Self. Cuomo’s behavior during this period of his life has exemplified the combined use of these two planetary energies. Actually the pandemic, although quite burdensome, offered him the opportunity to actualize his INNER potential.

In Dayology the Signature #69 FRI JUP is considered fortunate because of its two rulers, Venus and Jupiter, are viewed as extremely beneficial energies. It often seems as though individuals with this signature get far more than their fair share of breaks. They create “opportunities” by treating others as respectfully as they expect to be treated. It’s the golden rule.

While the misuse of Venus or Jupiter energies causes problems, they are not as devastating as some other rulers. This abuse shows up as making special exceptions for oneself or their loved ones, They also contribute to social or financial exploitation. Donald Trump, as a FRI Day Ray, attempts to get what he wants by activating people’s desire to be superior to others.

Cuomo, as a fairly balanced Sagittarian, tends to be open minded and prefers moderate measures, His basic nature is adventurous in that he considers all possibilities before he makes a decision. Despite his OUTWARD impression of professional stability, Cuomo is essentially restless and is inclined to move from one self-motivating situation to another.

“We all benefit when we work together. We showed that in the end,
love does win — that no matter how dark the day, love brings the light.
That is what I will take from the past 111 days,” Cuomo said “If we could
accomplish this impossible task of beating back this deadly virus, there
is nothing we can’t do. And we will be better.” ~ Andrew Cuomo