What’s the Rush?

Saturday Amy Coney Barrett was nominated by President Donald Trump to serve on the Supreme Court. That was a mere eight days after the death Ruth Bader Ginsberg. So why she being rushed through the process? It is expected that Barret will firm up the Conservative faction of the bench. More importantly Trump is doing his best to create political chaos in this campaign season and wants loyal justices if the court decides the election outcome.

There is no question as to whether Barrett will become an Associate Justice but many are wondering as to whether she can be fair-thinking regarding the minorities and the disadvantaged of our nation. On the surface Barrett appears to have made use of all her professional opportunities, while being committed to her large family. But the manner in which she has fulfilled her own dreams may not be possible or desirable for all . Barrett must come clean regarding to her personal values and how they will affect her legal decisions.

Mother Jones along with several other media outlets are discussing Barrett’s lack of disclosure regarding her religious affiliations. She and her husband are members of People of Praise, a small Christian sect which is said to have inspired The Handmaid’s Tale, a hit TV show that depicts the oppression of women in a post apocalyptic world. Of course, Americans may worship however they please, but Barret concealed her membership in this religious organization in her 2017 court confirmation. People are questioning why she is so closed-lipped about her beliefs.

“Members of the group take
a covenant pledging lifelong loyalty
to each other and donate five percent
of their income to the group, which teaches that men have authority over the family, including their wives. They believe in prophecy, divine healing,
and speaking in tongues, practices
that could make for an interesting confirmation hearing.”
~ Stephanie Mencimer,
Mother Jones‘ staff reporter

The People of Praise group has changed greatly since it’s inception in the seventies. The Second Vatican Council efforts initiated by Pope John XXIII were intended to modernize the American Catholic church. But as time went by “the group’s focus evolved in much the same way as those of other American evangelical churches, to emphasize the community as a bulwark against sin and the social upheaval in the rest of the country.” Bonsheá: Making Light of the Dark, the memoir of a former member asserts that abuses against women exist that should be brought to light. The author Coral Anika Thiell describes being threatened when she would not submit to the “‘authorities God had placed” over her. Watch her Democracy Now video.

Whatever Barrett’s backstory of might be, it is not discrimination to ask candidates as to how their personal outlooks will affect their legal decisions. Barrett has already stated that as a Catholic she would not enter an order of execution because it conflicts with teachings of her church. As a Conservative does she plan to make it impossible for families to make reproductive decisions for themselves? As a Republican is she comfortable eliminating the health care for the 50 to 129 million with “pre-existing conditions?” We deserve answers.

Amy Coney Barrett

Amy Coney Barrett was born on a Friday in the zodiac sign of Aquarius. This gives lovely Venus the rulership of her INNER self. Saturn and Uranus act as the rulers of her OUTER self. The #71 FRI AQU Dayology creates an individual who can take strong positions and live with them. It may not always to clear to her as to whether she wants to be traditional or radical.

Having Venus as the INNER ruler provides an inspired INNER life should one care to use it. The Venus type is prompted to make choices based on their own preferences and feel that they are following “their hearts.” Barret’s challenge is to accept people despite their differences. She states that she will interpret the Constitution as a textualist rather than a literalist.

Despite the fact that initially Barrett can be counted on to further the Trump’s political agenda, for the long haul there is no way of knowing what side of the fence she could end up. Aquarian Sun Signs take firm positions but they can also make U-turns without batting an eye. So a deep change of heart would not be all that surprising. But you won’t see it coming.

UPDATE – The rushed timeline of Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation hearing is being slowed down. With the lack of masks and no social distancing, at least 11 individuals contracted the COVID-19 virus at this event and are being quarantined, most with mild symptoms.

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