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Joe Biden is now the President Elect and significant credit goes to Stacey Abrams. The 800, 000 new voters that she helped to register for the 2020 election played clear role in turning the state ‘blue” and pushing Biden over the top with the needed electoral college votes.

Few Americans recognize the heroic nature of Stacie Abrams. In 2018 she lost her bid for Georgia’s Governorship to Brian Kemp by only 55, 000 votes. While it is common these days for losing candidates to assert that their elections were rigged, in this case it is true. At the time of the election Brian Kemp was the Georgia Secretary General whose duties include supervising elections and maintaining public records.  That in itself is wrong.

“Brian Kemp has abused his power as secretary of state of
Georgia to purge the voting rolls of Georgia primarily of black
and brown people,”
said Joe Beasley, a prominent Atlanta civil
rights activist. “If he had one ounce of integrity, he would have
stepped aside as secretary of state, because you can’t referee
an election in which you stand to be a winner.”

 “It would be like Tom Brady not only being the quarterback of
his team, but the referee and the scorekeeper as well.” WAPO

According to the investigations of independent journalist and author, Greg Palast, Kemp purged an estimated 534. 000 Georgia voters from the 2018 rolls on the grounds that they had moved from their registered address. Palast’s research found that only 41, 797 of the voters had actually relocated, but the rest of these votes were illegally suppressed. Fierce battles over vote count are currently being fought Judges are considering at least 17 cases over voter registration purgeslong linesballot postagepaper ballotsvoter registration backups and election security.

It was the decision of Stacey Abrams to move on and see if she could change the Georgia political landscape another way. She organized Fair Fight Action,  the Southern Economic Advancement Project and Fair Count, all of which addressed the issues which have plagued Georgia elections. In doing so Abrams has gathered together a new voting block which could prove instrumental in electing two Democratic senators in the upcoming run-off or install her in the governor’s mansion on 2022. But then again she might be offered a position in the new Biden administration. Let’s just say she is sitting in the cat bird seat.

Stacey Abrams

Stacey Abrams was born on a Sunday in the zodiac sign Sagittarius. The Sun is the ruler of her INNER self and Jupiter rules her OUTER Personality. The energies of Her #09 Dayology Signature creates a competent and optimistic individual who generally succeeds in whatever she tries. These folks have issues with the exdercize of power, often questioning the use of it by others.

Abrams finished high school as valedictorian of her high school class. She graduated from Spelman College, magna cum laude and was offered the position of as a tax attorney working with non-profit organizations. As a Harry S. Truman Scholar, Abrams attended the University of Texas where she earned a Master of Public Affairs, and then a Juris Doctor from Yale Law School.

At the age of 29 Abrams was appointed the deputy city attorney for the City of Atlanta. A few years later she won the a state representative seat. Then after taking the stare gubernatorial primary, she lost the election. So the loss of one electoral bid, even if the procedure was unfair, isn’t going to stop Stacie Abrams from fulfilling her ultimate Sun Sagittarius greatness.

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