The Circus is Back

Showtime’s The Circus is back for another season. This docuseries returned on January 10th just in time to report on the siege on the Capitol and other political atrocities. Overall the show is an edgy presentation of national news as evidenced by the titles given to each of the episodes. Each week viewers are taken on road trips and introduced to developing points of view. The full title The Circus: Inside the Greatest Political Show is no exaggeration.

The current cohosts of the show, Mark Heilman, Alex Wagner, and Mark McKennon, represent both political sides of the track with access to the people and places from which we, the ordinary citizens, are generally excluded. These three journalists are also deeply concerned about the well-being of the nation. Put very simply, they understand that it is the unexpected “Ups and Downs” plus the expected “Ins and Outs” that keeps our democracy healthy and strong.

The Circus has been on the air for five years now and it is as fresh and relevant as it ever was. It began as documentary about the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election and then focused on President Trumps First 100 days. Since then D.C. has undergone some radical shifts and The Circus host line-up has changed somewhat too. It started off with John Heilemann, Mark Halperin, and Mark McKennon. Alex Wagner replaced Mark Halperin after his name was sullied by accusations of work place sexual assault. Jennifer Palmieri joined as a guest host in 2019 and is now taking on the role of co-host with equal privileges and on-the-road responsibilities.

The Circus has regained credibility with these cohost changes. Instead of continuing on as an “all boys club” with all the excesses that go with that gender arrangement, there is now a balance in the creative energies. Yes, there could be problems with two SUN Day Ray individuals attempting to share the “ring master” role but in this case, Heilemann and Wagner seem to be willing to behave as A BINARY STAR, each valuing and respecting the presence of the other.



John Heilemann was born on a Sunday in the zodiac sign of Aquarius. The Sun is the ruler of his INNER Self with either Saturn or Uranus acting as the ruler of his OUTER Self. The #11 SUN AQU Dayology signature creates a strong personality with the capacity to see things clearly and uniquely. Heilemann is an author and has served as a staff writer for a number of publications.

Alex Wagner was born on Sunday in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. The Sun is the ruler of her INNER Self with Jupiter ruling her OUTER Self. The #09 Dayology signature creates an engaging personality with extremely broad interests. In addition to cohosting for The Circus Wagner is a contributor for CBS News and writes regularly for The Atlantic magazine.



Jennifer Palmieri was born on Tuesday in the zodiac sign of Scorpio. Aquarius. Mars works as the ruler of both her INNER and OUTER Selves. The #32 TUE SCO signature creates individuals who are tremendous powerhouses, but not always right out in the open. Palmieri served as the White House Director of Communications for the Clinton Administration.

Mark McKennon was born on Thursday in the zodiac sign of Taurus. Jupiter takes on the rulership of his INNER Self while Venus rules his OUTER Self. The #50 THU TAU signature creates individuals of an optimistic but a firm nature. Over time McKennon served as the chief media advisor to five successful presidential primary and general election campaigns.

UPDATE –  Alex Wagner left the circus to host her own evening show on MSNBC. She was given the 9 PM timeslot Tuesday through Friday Leaving Mondays open for the original host, Rachel Maddow. While Alex and Rachel have different Sun Signs, but born were born on Sundays.

And a Little Bit Extra!

Mark Halperin

Mark Halperin was born on a Monday in the zodiac sign of Capricorn. He has the Moon as the ruler of his INNER Self and Saturn governs his OUTER Self. The #22 MON CAP Dayology signature creates strongly emotional, achieving individuals who need to mind their manners. Halperin is making a comeback by hosting a Sunday show  “Mark Halperin’s Focus Group” on NewsMax TV.

In the past John Heilemann and Mark Halperin functioned as The Circus cohosts as well as award winning writing partners. Their personal arrangement worked well and looked as if it could go on forever. The energetics of being a SUN/MON pair created dynamic appearances and compelling books, but their partnership fell apart regarding personal issues. Halperin’s inappropriate work attitudes toward females had caught up with him and caused the two of them to be fired.

Heilemann (SUN) and Halperin (MOON)
when they worked together
and were riding high.

Group Dynamics

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