Look Who is Getting Sued!

Two U.S. voting machine manufacturers, Dominion and Smartmatic, are taking a number of conservative personalities to court. According to Stanford Law School professor, Robert Rabin, these two companies have a good shot of winning their cases although they may not get the sums that they are asking. Another law professor from the same educational institution, David Schulz, concludes that these cases represent traditional libel claims, but the prosecution must prepare their cases carefully. They are dealing with a shrewd and cunning crew of characters. That last line was not said by Schulz, but is pretty much common knowledge.

The facts are that President Donald Trump and his supporters sought to undermine the results of our latest national election. It was asserted that votes were deleted and switched by these two voting systems to defeat Trump. In response an open letter signed by 59 election security experts have stated that there is “no credible evidence” that the 2020 election outcome was altered by exploiting technical vulnerabilities. Then came another wave of misinformation. Not only was the Dominion system blamed for irregularities, it was claimed that Dominion is owned by Smartmatic, a competing firm with suspicious foreign ties. After that it was then circulated that these two companies were going out of business, which is also untrue,

This issue is not so difficult to understand. It was put very simply by a letter to editor in a regional California newspaper about those voting machine lawsuits “Much of our country is built on trust, and when trust is abused then legal remedies are available. Millions of people believe that Smartmatic and Dominion were guilty of voter fraud because people they trusted told them that is what happened. If the stories are untrue, should these companies be allowed to go broke because of lies told about their product by people who were in positions of trust?”

Rudy Giuliani

Sidney Powell

Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell were first to be served papers, because as proud Sun types they enjoy being seen as “leaders of the pack.” They were both born on Sunday but in different zodiac signs. Giuliani is an indecisive Gemini and Powell is a firm Taurus. As Trump’s personal attorneys this SUN/SUN pair advised him to break laws, thinking that he could get away with it. Rudy Giuliani joined Trump’s personal legal team in 2018 and has been surprisingly loyal despite some very poor treatment. Sidney Powell came on board in 2020. She was fired in late 2020 for undisclosed reasons but was brought back because of her “scorched earth” approach. These two figures were primary among the inside group that originated Trump’s slander.

Jeanine Pirro

Maria Bartiromo

Jeanine Pirro and Maria Bartiromo are Fox News hosts and have filed separate motions to dismiss the Smartmatic’s Defamation Lawsuit against them. Both have claimed to just doing their jobs as they passed on lies regarding the voting machines. They have different Day Rays but their Gemini and Virgo Sun Signs share a Mercury rulership. This particular energy is commonly found in the Dayology signatures of many people in the communication field. Mercury is not adverse to misrepresenting a situation if the situation calls for it. These two pushy Fox anchors desire to lessen their involvement in the controversy and remain above the fray.

Lou Dobbs 

Mike Lindell

Lou Dobbs  and Mike Lindell have very different Dayology signatures, but a Moon rulership is shared between the Monday Day Ray of Dobbs and the Cancer Sun Sign of Lindell. And these two figures actually know each other. Back in 2020 Lindell was a guest on the show of Dobb, where Lindell related his recovery from drug addiction. Life is not treating either one well at this time. Fox News has cancelled “Lou Dobbs Tonight” and Lindell reports losing millions in “My Pillow” sales this year. Dobbs and Lindell are extremely aware of public consciousness through their Moon energy and have used Trump’s enormous base to their financial advantage. Unfortunately, the tide has turned and both are facing diminished popularity regarding their livelihoods.

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