Elizabeth in Mourning

Queen Elizabeth broke with several traditions regarding the funeral of Prince Philip, her late husband. His coffin was transported to St. George’s Chapel by a custom-made Rover instead of the usual hearse. There was also no Eulogy or occasion for readings by his family at his funeral service. The Royal Family showed up in “Mourning Coats and Day Dress” instead of their State occasion military uniforms. These were his stated wishes. There were also adaptations made due to the Pandemic including a 30-person limit, face masks and social distancing.

Some things remained exactly the same. The press was there not only to officially record this solemn royal event, but to intrusively capture private moments. For instance Elizabeth was photographed dabbing away a tear after the funeral. Or she may have been adjusting her COVID protective mask. The queen was seated in the back of her shiny black Bentley where she probably felt that she could just be herself on this sad occasion. She was owed some privacy. After all she had maintained her incredible composure through the entire event.

Just consider the fact that Elizabeth and Philip were married for seventy-three years. She met Philip at the age of thirteen and married him at twenty-one. Philip stood by Elizabeth’s side as she was crowned queen of United Kingdom and 15 other Commonwealth realms. He was not permitted to serve as king. He was given the title of Duke of Edinburgh and later Prince. Philip was her royal and loving consort. They created a royal family of four children with all the issues of a regular family plus eight grandchildren and ten great grandchildren. They had a good life.

Queen Elizabeth

Prince Philip

Queen Elizabeth was born on Wednesday in the zodiac sign of Taurus making Mercury the ruler of her INNER self and Venus the ruler of her OUTER Self. The #38 Dayology Signature creates individuals who are alert but generally solid or traditional. Taurus is the sign of wealth and the queen is personally one of the richest women in the world with a net worth of $520 million.

Prince Philip was born on a Friday in the zodiac sign of Gemini making Venus the ruler of his INNER self and Mercury the ruler of his OUTER Self. The #63 Dayology signature creates people who has a good sense of what is happening and communicates well, except for the occasional social gaff. Aside from his royal charities, Philip had many interests, athletic and cultural.

The Mutual Reception
of Elizabeth and Phillip

The pairing of Elizabeth and Philip possessed one very and extraordinary astrological dynamic. This energy pattern is called a Mutual Reception. In Dayology it occurs when the planetary rulers of one person’s signature mirrors the rulers of their partners signature. In this case Elizabeth’s Mercury ruled Wednesday Day Ray complements Philip’s Mercury ruled Gemini Sun Sign. And the Prince’s Venus ruled Friday Day Ray sets off Elizabeth’s Venus ruled Taurus Sun.

And it appears to be mutual appreciation.

These two rulers of this particular Mutual Reception, Venus and Mercury, are an interesting planetary pair. They represent love and thought. Working together they create a desire to understand their partner’s point of view so that they avoid disagreements and enjoy themselves. Then again these folks might choose not disclose to certain matters or not bring up particular issues simply to keep the peace. It all just depends upon their motivation.

People with Mutual Reflections operating between their signatures often feel like self-contained units. Together they possess the power to withstand all sorts of pressure. They quickly get to know each other’s preferences and aversions. Consequently they possess the potential to create high levels of fulfillment for one another. And they also know exactly how to hurt one another should they choose to capitalize on this knowledge. Naturally the nature of each example of Mutual Reception depends upon the planets involved. And the general character of the individuals involved determine how this astrological aspect is utilized.

The First Meeting of Elizabeth and Philip

We can see the MUTUAL RECEPTION operating when Elizabeth felt early on that Philip was the only individual that she had ever met that could give her happiness. She sensed this connection before she learned that her destiny was to become queen. It is not known how Philip actually felt about being hitched to a head of state, but he performed his role with skill and sensitivity. People who were close to him, enjoyed his sense of humor and tolerated his outspoken nature. Philllp’s only personal regret was that he could not exercise his military skills in the manner that he was trained in the Royal Navy. It has been stated recently that had the Prince had the makings of a commander and had he chosen that career path, he would have risen to the top.

The British Royals

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