Miranto and Sitraka

Often the time twin accounts that appear on Dayology.com are a bit surprising, but they are generally happy and fulfilling. The situation that we are about to relate is really sad because it could be avoided if all the world’s children were adequately fed and provided healthcare.

Two boys, Miranto and Sitraka, were born in the village of Ambohimidasy Itaosy, just outside Madagascar’s capital city of Antananarivo. In appearance they look like brothers separated in age by a few years yet they were born into different families on the exact same day. They are time twins with a very big difference. Miranto grew up normally. Like the 47 percent of children in Madagascar, chronic malnutrition has stunted Sitraka’s physical and mental development. No doubt this will adversely shape the rest of his human life as long or short as that may be.

The effects of child malnutrition are horrendous and permanent, going way beyond simply stunting a child’s height. It is stated that “Undernutrition puts children at a higher risk of dying from common infections, increases the frequency and severity of such infections, and delays recovery. It is a cause of mental retardation and brain damage in some children. The long-term effects of malnutrition in children include stunting, marasmus, and kwashiorkor.”

June 2, 2011

June 2, 2011

Miranto and Sitraka were both born on Thursday in the zodiac sign of Gemini. This makes Jupiter the ruler of both their INNER selves with their OUTER personalities governed by Mercury. The #52 THU GEM signature prompts individuals to be involved with learning, teaching and communication. This relationship is obviously about the two boys giving to each other whatever they might have to offer, which in their world is generally something other than physical.

Gemini is the sign of twins and Gemini individuals usually feel most comfortable in the company of a close friend. As a Gemini, Sitraka has many questions about life he would like to have explained. In a sense Miranto is a Jupiter/Guru teacher to student Sitraka as they grow up. That is not to say that Sitraka is learning to read or do math, but he is surely mastering the basics of affection and trust. The valuable things in life are not always measured by educational tests.

In 2018 when both the boys were seven there was no school in their village on Wednesday afternoons and Miranto found Sitraka waiting for him on his doorstep to play. Sitraka cannot receive an elementary education because as his mother, Mariette, puts it,I wouldn’t dream of sending Sitraka to school because he is still not fully potty-trained and has difficulty expressing himself. Sometimes even I, his mother, can’t understand a word he is saying. He only started walking at the age of four, and he even had wounds on his feet from crawling,”

Sitraka and his mother

Despite their physical differences there appears to be a close relationship between these two boys. They grasp hands in a sympathetic and caring manner. Maybe they were born as time twins to have this unique experience. Still the two could have been actual classmates if Sitraka’s mother had received food during her pregnancy and while raising her child. Just how many lives of children are nutritionally short-changed because of world economic inequality?

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