Long Haulers

Nobody on this planet is escaping the effects of COVID19, although some are having a rougher time of it than others. A sizable percentage of humanity is dying and many are struggling to care for the critically ill. Others have lost family members, employment or homes. Some residents of this world do not even have access to vaccination. And then there are the defiant ones who balk at the measures necessary for the protection of all.

One overlooked group are those who after contracting COVID experience difficultly recovering. Most people heal fully within two to three weeks, but “long haulers” can suffer for an additional three to six months, and longer. A UCDavis study shows that 1 in 4 COVID patients end up with Covid Long. And while obesity and diabetes do complicate recovery most “long haulers” suffer from a wide range of symptoms – and many had no symptoms during their original infection.

Understanding Covid is getting more complicated as we go on. The are new mutations and challenges. The long haulers, now numbering in the hundred’s of thousands are demanding more attention to their situation. One of the strongest and clearest of these voices is Mara Gay, You can hear her speak in Mara Gay recounts her long-term Covid-19 experience. In her opinion piece – What It Takes to Heal From Covid-19 she explains that long-term recovery is possible but that it takes time and medical assistance for those who find themselves afflicted.

“I am acutely aware that I have received care and support that many Covid survivors don’t have access to. Beating a novel disease in a broken health care system means finding the right doctors and asking the right questions. That takes professional skills, time and resources that many people don’t have.”

Survivors need access to top medical care from the doctors who know this disease best, regardless of where they live or their ability to pay. 

Many of us were in perfect health before Covid. Some of us are athletes. Now, many months later, many are living with a constellation of symptoms that most people would consider intolerable

Mara Gay

Mara Gay was born on a Wednesday in the zodiac sign of Virgo. Interestingly Mercury is the ruler of her INNER and OUTER selves. Individuals born with the #42 WED VIR Signature are always smart but essentially careful. While these folks are able to consider all sorts of information, there is a practical streak within their natures that keeps them grounded. These folks are often involved in information gathering or medical techology. Sometimes they suffer from a low-self-confidence and may be be inclined to dismiss things that are not easily explained.

This individual expresses the best the #42 WED VIR signature energy. The energy of Mercury works easily through both sides of her nature. She is clear thinking -and- open minded as she covers the political circus of our nation’s capitol. She realizes that she’s not perfect and takes responsibility for the difficult positions that she takes. Mara Gay was born and lives in Brooklyn, New York. She earned a degree in political science from the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor and joined The New York Times staff in 2018. She is a frequent contributor to MSNBC.

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