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This tiny speck of Internet space gives a big peek into what goes on behind the scenes at Dayology.com. We are switching from being a simple weekly blog to operating as a valuable online resource. During the next six months we plan to expand our influence to several forms of social media. And we are considering a simple tutorial for those who want to learn how use Dayology for themselves. So as long as this page remains popular it will updated regularly.

Ukraine Needs Our Support

Of course, the situation of people of Ukraine is our hearts and on our minds. If someone set a house on fire in our neighborhoods, we would try and put the flames out. Please contribute what you can to feed and care for these devastated individuals. They are very much like you and me. The basic difference is that a world power craves their land and cares not the least for their human rights. With our help, the Ukrainians can get through this.

World Central Kitchen Putin the Terrible

Michael McFaul Arnold’s Message

Ukraine Under AttackThose in the Middle

Pussy Riot Lives

Dayology Around The World

March 2022 statistics according to Google Analytics.

Dayology.com is currently viewed by individuals from around the world. At this time most of our traffic comes to us by word of mouth. So thanks for spreading the good news to your groups, friends and families. As you can see with your help Dayology is becoming international!

Karmic State

Our next project concerns the unfinished business of our lives past, present and future. It will explain how KARMA affects our present circumstances via our Dayology Signatures. Soon you can use your personal signature to discover the karmic burden that you are carrying around.

Calculator / LINKS – It’s Karma / Instant Karma


The Twelve Constellations

Of course, you know the zodiac signs, but did you know they are constellations in the night sky. Our newest site-wide addition is a tour through the stars that make up each of the twelve signs. Also included will be some of the lore which underlies their esoteric or deeper meanings.




(Coming Soon)

Now It’s Easier to Find What You Like

The Dayology.com Blog has been online since the Fall of 2017 and a lot of content has been produced in our weekly features during that time. Our investigations of THE SEVEN DAY WEEK have taken us far and wide, not only all over the world, but back in time and out into space. One of our biggest challenges is making this material accessible to our viewers. To that aim we are offering several navigational systems, of which four are listed here:

The Search Function on every
page finds information.

SiteMap locates past
Dayology features by title
and field of interest.

The Dayology Almanac lists
the Sun Signs and Day Rays.

The Dayology Album holds
the photos of hundreds
of celebrities.

Honestly it takes time and effort to weave all these colorful threads together. Occasionally we drop the ball and we welcome your reminders. If something isn’t working for you, let us know.

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