Saturday Pizza

Although pizza is consumed every minute of the day somewhere on this planet, chooses Saturday as the best day to enjoy pizza. Saturday is ruled by the no-fuss /no frills planet, Saturn, so this day of the week is the presenter for a dish that uses only the simplest ingredients and is delivered to the door hot in the box or enjoyed cold for breakfast.

Feelings of Pizza intimacy shared

Pizza is bliss or at least as close to as we can get to it while residing in physical bodies. It is eaten right out of our hands and enjoyed one heavenly bite after another. Pizza transports us to a place where only smell and taste matter. There is absolutely nothing in the world like pizza! Never will anything be so delicious as long as we have 10,000 taste buds on our tongues.

According to Wikipedia something like pizza existed during the Neolithic Age. It was cooked on hot rocks. In the 6th century Persian soldiers used their shields to bake flatbreads covered with olive oil. It was the Italians who perfected the pizza crust with their wood fire ovens, a process which continues today. And the crowning glory in the development of pizza was the addition of flavorful “toppings.” Now depending upon where you live (Naples, Chicago, New York, Sicily, Greece, California, Detroit or St. Louis) your pizza is prepared just the way you like it!

Pizza is made more nutritious
served with a hearty green salad!

There is no question that everyone loves pizza, but there is some debate as it whether pizza loves us. Is our favorite food is actually good for us? The answer depends upon the type of pizza that is being discussed. All pizzas are not created equally. The latest health proclamation is that frozen pizza is a poor choice because it is highly processed and contains nasty preservatives. Being high in fat and sodium, the pizzas sold in fast-food restaurants and convenience stores also rate low. But it’s not as though we don’t have lots of pizza choices. We do!

The best pizza is a matter of personal taste, but some pizzas are prepared more carefully than others. Of course, pizza can be eaten at home, a bar or in a car, but the better the preparations ingredients the better the pizza. Some people search out authentic pizza that uses only Italian ingredients. They like the idea of being purists. Others prefer artisan pizza which is created by hand. Sometimes these culinary artists break the established rules mixing cultures These creative offerings can appeal to our imaginations as well as to our appetites.

Non-traditional Pizza can be delicious too!

During the past dozen years the idea of the “healthy pizza” has evolved. The concept is that if we can’t give up pizza let’s make it as “good for us” as we can. Adjustments are being made in the basic ingredients to suit needs of specific groups, as for those who cannot tolerate peanuts, tree nuts, milk, eggs, wheat, soy, fish or shellfish. And there are interesting substitutions for vegetarians and vegans. While the results of these adaptions may not tempt the taste buds of conventional pizza lovers, they allow more of us to share in the glorious pizza experience.

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