Show-down in Uvalde

As to be expected, there has been another USA school shooting. The whole nation is shaken each time one of these devastating events occur. Still after the reporting, the memorials and the funerals, nothing gets done that could stop this vicious cycle. It happens again and again.

The latest school shooting took place in Uvalde, Texas. Nineteen children and two teachers were murdered in their classroom on Tuesday, May 24th, 2022. The eighteen year old shooter, Salavdor Ramos, barricaded himself in the school for almost an hour until he was shot by a U.S. border control agent. That finished the second deadliest shooting at a K-12 school in the United States since 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Connecticut. It was simply one of the 213 mass shootings that has taken place in the USA during the first six months of 2022.

The next evening, a Wednesday, Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin scheduled a press conference in the town hall. It was attended by Texas Governor Greg Abbott and his Lieutenant Governor, Dan Patrick. The two U.S. senators from Texas made different decisions regarding their appearances. John Cornyn remained in the nation’s capitol supposedly to work on possible gun legislation with Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Ted Cruz was already in Texas preparing to give a presentation at the upcoming 2022 National Rifle Association meeting in nearby Houston.

It was the same old story – What stops armed bad guys is armed good guys. The shooter bought his two AR15 automatic rifles and ammunition legally from a local gun shop. His access to the school building was made easy because the back door was left unlocked. There were no armed school guards stationed there to protect the students. Finally, the shooter was pure evil, not mentally ill, even though just before the incident he shot his grandmother in the head, stole her truck and crashed it outside of the school. Could any of this damage been prevented?

Then Beto O’Rourke, the current Democratic candidate for Texas governor, stepped up and pointed to the office holders sitting at front of the room. “This is on you.” he yelled. “You are doing nothing.” As he was being forced to leave the room, O’Rourke continued. “You are offering up nothing. You said this was not predictable. This was totally predictable when you choose not to do anything.”

The state and local officers that O’Rourke was addressing might have not wanted to hear what he had to say, but in their hearts they knew that something wrong. Back in 2018 Governor Abbott unveiled his his School and Firearm Safety Action Plan that included 40 recommendations to improve school safety and pledged to put $110 million toward implementing the suggestions. The program centered around “hardening” schools and training armed school marshals.

That bill was passed with another one that gave teachers access to guns in classrooms. And finally came the bill that all the conservatives were awaiting. It allowed all Texans over 18 to carry handguns openly in public without getting permits or going through training. Rifles, shotguns and assault style weapons are already carried without a permit. So now there is to be an official investigation as to why these measures did not protect the Robb Elementary from harm.

Outspoken Beto O’Rourke is correct. Governor Abbott’s administration may have passed a ton of legislation but it all supported to the aims of the National Rifle Association. It did not protect the Texans from the irresponsible use of inappropriate firearms. There is absolutely no reason for military style weapons to be lawful, particular far those under the age of twenty-one.

Beto O’Rourke

Beto O’Rourke was born on a Tuesday in the zodiac sign of Libra. Mars rules his Outer Self and Venus governs his Inner Self. Those born with the #31 TUE LIB Dayology signature have forceful natures which they direct into appropriate channels so as to be accepted. While wanting to appear likeable, these folks experience levels of frustration that are difficult to imagine.




Greg Abbot was born on a Wednesday in the zodiac sign of Scorpio. Mercury is the ruler of his INNER Self and Mars governs Scorpio. Individuals with the #44 WED SCO Dayology Signature are usually thoughtful beings with plans of a certain nature which they may decline to discuss.

Dan Patrick was born on a Tuesday in the zodiac sign of Aries. Mars rules both his INNER and OUTER Selves. Those with the #25 TUE ARI tend are quick to act often without thinking things through. He worked as a sports bar owner and talk show host before serving in public office.

Ted Cruz was born on a Tuesday in the zodiac sign of Capricorn. Mars rules his INNE Self and Saturn governs his OUTER Self. Cruz is another politically driven politician. He can be cruel in the manner that he shuts things out. It is primarily his personal ambition that spurs him along.

This Wednesday evening meeting illustrates how the energies of one particular planet can gather together and intensify. Wednesday is ruled by articulate Mercury, the planet of clear thought and communication. For that reason the press is ruled by Mercury. Governor Abbott, born on Wednesday, did his best to run the conference. Beto O’Rourke interrupted things to report that the meeting was meant to focus on the victims and keep the lid on the gun control issue. He pointed out it was their policy which had caused there to be such sorrow.

It was Tuesday when this school shooting took place. Tuesday is ruled by active Mars, the planet of aggression and protection. The term “active shooter” clearly illustrates this energy. Not all crimes of violence take place on Tuesday, but they are exceptionally brutal on Tuesday. This day of the week is when we all want to get on with the unfinished things that need to be done. This feeling wells up in all of us, but particularly in the natures of those who are unbalanced.

Another common feature of the planetary rulerships is to stimulate and gather together people with similar energies. This group of four Texas politicians all have Dayology signatures with a a very strong Mars force. Three were born on Tuesday and one in Scorpio, which is ruled by Mars. All have relatively contentious personalities and respond intensely when they are attacked. Watch the Confrontation and experience the levels of animosity that are exhibited.

Lieutenant Governor, Dan Patrick has a double scoop of Mars making up his Dayology Signature, so pay attention to the results of the Texas State Gubernatorial election this Fall. Dan Patrick is challenged by Beto O’Rourke, whose Mars is tempered by Venus. Their Sun Signs are Aries and Libra, which look at the outer world very differently. This election determines if the state of Texas will maintain it’s Wild West spirit or creates a place of peace and safety for it’s citizens.


The leading cause of children’s death in America is gun violence.

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