What About Camilla?

Great Britain is celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, marking the 70 years of loyal service of Queen Elizabeth II to the people of the United Kingdom, the Realm and the Commonwealth. And it’s not just a one-day occasion but a four-day weekend from Thursday 2nd to Sunday 5th June. 

It’s a fact that Elizabeth has reigned longer than any other British monarch in history. It’s also a fact that she is 95 years old and won’t be around forever. At her 1953 coronation speech she literally pledged her life to the country and the people of the British empire. It is the feeling of the people that she has kept her word and that she will most likely die “wearing the crown.” It may be then and only then will her oldest son, Prince Charles, take the throne.

The Royal Family opening the Jubilee.

Prince Charles actually also holds a record for being the longest British monarch waiting for his time for the crown. Charles became heir apparent at the age of three when his mother, Princess Elizabeth, acceded to the throne. While there was never any doubt that he was in next line, for a time his personal behavior created problems that were disturbing to the royal family as well as the nation. There were many who considered skipping a generation and putting Prince William, his eldest son, on the throne.

The marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana was ruined by his resumption of a previous relationship to a another female. That woman is Camilla Parker Bowles, who at one time Charles considered marrying. Actually Camilla was a good match being of a similar age and background but at the time she was viewed as a woman whose “past” might catch up to her. And, of course, gossip was to be avoided but it couldn’t be stopped. When marriage to Charles seemed hopeless, to Camilla she wed Andrew Parker Bowles in 1973 and began a family.

In 1981 Charles was pushed into a marriage with young woman who was thought to be a perfect fit. “Whatever love means” was his enigmatic reply to the press about his feelings for Diana. As she assumed the role of Princess of Wales, the toll of a loveless marriage was difficult for her to bear. She gave her energy to her two sons and her charities, but divorce was the only way out. She leaked the hidden infidelities of her husband in a controversial 1995 television interview.

The “other woman” turned out to be Camilla, who was immediately reviled by the Queen, the British populace, and the world press. She became the most “hated” female figure in the world. Still Charles stood by “the woman he loved.” In time Charles and Camilla got divorces and began their open life together. It became clear that Diana was having her own romantic relationships and then in 1997 she died in a tragic automobile accident. The world was stunned by her death.

Charles and Camilla together

Still life goes on and in 2005 Charles and Camilla, announced their engagement and wed in a simple, civil ceremony. The queen attended only the reception, showing her recognition of the unconventionality of the marriage, meanwhile supporting the decision of her first born son and his new wife. Camilla was shortly given the title Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Cornwall and has proven to be an appropriate match for Prince Charles as he awaits his time to rule.

It’s a normal reaction to ask how could someone so previously hated as Camilla could today be standing on the balcony with the royal family. The fact is that “new rules” regarding the British royals are now in effect. All does not have to be so cripplingly strict and formal, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. In fact this week Elizabeth announced that when her son Charles becomes King, Camilla will be addressed as Queen Consort, exactly as it should be.



Diana Spencer was born on a Saturday in the zodiac sign of Cancer. Saturn is the ruler of her INNER Self and the Moon governs her OUTER Self. Those with the #76 SAT CAN Dayology Signature face many difficulties in life, as Saturn is very serious. Despite having a difficult childhood she did her very best to impart good values to her two son’s.

Prince Charles was born on a Sunday in the zodiac sign of Scorpio. The Sun is the ruler of his INNER Self and Mars (or Pluto) governs his OUTER Self’. It is important to individuals with the #08 Dayology Signature to feel that they are being respected and given plenty of privacy. It is within their nature, when satisfied, to be generous and respectful to others.

Camilla Shand was born on a Thursday in the zodiac sign of Cancer. Jupiter is the ruler of her INNER Self and the Moon governs her OUTER Self. People with the #52 Dayology Signature tend to be upbeat and this trait has helped Camilla to handle public reactions concerning her private actions. She is surprisingly kind and humble, given her situation.

It is often said by astrologers that pairs born in the same astrological element get along. In this particular case, Prince Charles and both of his wives all have WATER Sun Signs. Here we have too much emotion stirring things up. When faced with Diana’s anxious Saturnian nature, Charles found that he preferred the calmer Jupiterian outlook of Camilla. The fact that there were impressionable children in the mix did not enter into his considerations.

It is also not mentioned when comparing the lives of Diana Spencer and Camilla Shand that each of these women was born in the zodiac sign of Cancer. Both have the same fair coloring. Both were daughters of minor members of the aristocracy and were brought up to marry important males. Both had two children, but the similarities stop there. The Day Rays of Saturn and Jupiter do not create the same character and life experiences. That is certainly very clear!

By the way it is not surprising that a Sunday male who would be king and produce an heir is paired up to Cancer females. Sunday is ruled by the Sun and the Moon governs Cancer. The solar/lunar forces form two of the strongest psychological archetypes, King and Queen.

The British Royals

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