Just the Beginning!

The House Select Committee on the January 6th Capitol Insurrection held its first public hearing last week. It is possible that as many as 20 million viewers tuned into it’s prime time slot. The Los Angeles Times estimated that ABC had the most viewers with 4.9 million, followed by MSNBC (4.2 million), NBC (3.6 million), CBS (3.7 million), CNN (2.6 million), Fox Business Network (223,000), CNBC (158,000), Newsmax (137,000) and NewsNation (125,000). The hearings were also shown on PBS and C-SPAN. Those last two audiences are not included in the Nielsen tally.

Fox News was the only major cable that did not carry the live hearing. NPR stated that “to have shown the uninterrupted documentation of the concerted attack on the Capitol in January last year and the concurrent effort to thwart the November 2020 presidential elections would have been to present information that was unwelcome to many core Fox News viewers.”  Actually Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity have put themselves a tough spot. Many of the lies they have deliberately spread will be disproven by direct evidence and personal testimony. The criminal misbehavior of many our lawmakers and statesmen is very likely to be revealed as well.

Chairman Thompson and Vice Chair Cheney

In his opening remarks, Bennie Thompson, Chairman of the Committee stated before the nation and the world “There’s no place for politics or partisanship in this investigation. Our only charge is to follow the facts where they lead us.” He went on to explain that “the only facts” of which he is concerned are “… what happened on January 6th, in the run-up to that tragic day, and what has taken place since. That’s what we’re charged to do by House Resolution 503.”

Vice Chairman, Liz Chaney, closed the hearing with a warning to her party. “I say this to my Republican colleagues who are defending the indefensible: there will come a day when Donald Trump is gone, but your dishonor will remain.” Cheney, the daughter of previous U.S. Vice President, Dick Cheney, is one of the first in her party to repudiate Trump’s “BIG LIE” and place her political career in jeopardy by challenging the deception. Her public actions provide a courageous example for all those who are finding themselves in this political pickle.

The Facts provided on Day 1 – Thursday, June 9. 2022
January 6th was the culmination of an attempted coup.
President Trump was at the center of the conspiracy.
The aim was to “stop the steal” of the 2020 election.
Trump knew his claims of election fraud were baseless.
Trump was forewarned of possible violence.
Trump supported the idea of hanging VP Mike Pence.
Trump was forewarned of possible violence.
Trump “gleefully” watched the riot on television.
Trump refused to tell the mob to leave the Capitol.
Trump declined to deploy the National Guard.
The extreme violence of the event was no accident.
Many Capitol rioters came armed with weapons.
Capitol Police were unprepared and overwhelmed.
The Proud Boys and Oath Keepers met the night before.
The Proud Boys initially staked out Capitol Grounds.
The Oath Keepers participated in the Capitol break-in.
862 people were charged in the Capitol Insurrection.
Hundreds of the rioters still remain unidentified.
Members of Congress participated in preparation.
Multiple Republicans sought pardons from Trump.


Bennie Thompson was born on a Wednesday in the zodiac sign of Aquarius. Mercury rules his INNER Self and his OUTER Self is governed by Saturn (or Uranus). Individuals with the #47 WED AQU Dayology Signature view life from a distinctive point of view and behave accordingly.

Liz Cheney was born on a Thursday in the zodiac sign of Leo. Her INNER Self is ruled by Jupiter and the Sun governs her OUTER Self. Those with the #53 THU LEO Dayology generally act from their need to be recognized for their inherited gifts and personal achievements.

Thompson and Cheney are absolute opposites. They hail from different parts of the country, different races and different political parties. They are also elected U.S. Representatives, trained lawyers and dedicated Americans. It was disclosed in a Politico feature these two strange bedfellows have bonded in an unexpected and exceptional manner for a common cause.

It is interesting that Aquarius and Leo, the Sun Signs and OUTER Self significators of Thompson and Cheney are also opposites on the Zodiac Wheel. The two signs are so different that they tend not to notice one another, but when they are put together they powerfully attract each other’s attention. They see that by working together, they can be greater together than individually.

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