The July 4th Shooting

Every year Americans expected to spend the Fourth of July peacefully with their families, neighbors and friends. This U.S. holiday is traditionally filled with barbecues, parades and fireworks. We’ve now added mass shootings as part of our annual Independence Day.

This weekend we watched the violent attack on another American community. This time it was Highland Park, Illinois, a suburb located along Lake Michigan just north of Chicago. It shouldn’t have happened here. The state of Illinois legislated a Red Flag law enabling parents, roommates and police to ask courts to seize guns from people who show signs of violence. And ten years ago Highland Park outlawed military style weapons within the city limits. Neither measure prevented a gunman from legally obtaining the fire power to shoot his targets from his 4th floor perch.

Highland Park Shooting Aftermath

Highland Park was not the only scene of mass shootings this holiday weekend. In fact nine U.S. cities experienced the same type of attacks during that 24 hour period. They include Summerton SC, Philadelphia PA, Hempstead NY, Enterprise NV, Macon GA, Socorro TX, and Phoenix AZ. Over this three day July 4th weekend, The Gun Violence Data Base reports that 220 people were shot and killed and 570 were wounded by guns. Gun control has clearly gotten out of hand!

So far this year over 300 young men have used guns to shoot 4 or more people at one occasion. That is the same number of mass shootings that occurred in the U.S. between 2001 to 2011. Practically every shooting is perpetrated by a male between the ages of 18 and 22. Most are white and alienated in some manner. Then whatever their gripe, the fact that assault weapons are so accessible makes settling the score within their personal reach. It has also been found that many shooters are influenced by Internet extremists and the right wing media.

Possibly the most polarizing of media figures is the conservative political commentator, Tucker Carlson. He is singled out because this week he offered a purposely flawed characterization of the young men who become mass shooters. It is his opinion that “They are high on government-endorsed weed, ‘smoke some more, it is good for you.’ They are numbed by the endless psychotropic drugs that are handed out in every school in the country by crackpots posing as counselors. Of course, they are angry, they know that their lives will not be better than their parents’, they will be worse. That is all but guaranteed, they know that. They are not that stupid. And yet the authorities in their lives, mostly women, never stop lecturing them about their so-called privilege. ‘You are male, you are privileged.’ Imagine that, try and imagine an unhealthier, unhappier life than that. So a lot of young men in America are going nuts.”

Yes, many young American males are being driven crazy. Their behaviors are signals that things are going south and they cannot handle it. They act as the canaries in the bird cages that were hung in the coal mines to alert workers when conditions become toxic. These adolescents are attempting to get our attention in the worst way possible. Unlike the birds that die of poisonous gases, these “lost boys” shoot individuals in their immediate surroundings. The question is “why” are they acting out in this dangerous way. Tucker Carlson of Fox Television is of absolutely no help because he is part of the problem. He pumps out “the fumes of hate and derision” instead of inviting in “the fresh air of clear facts and possible solutions.” His primary manner of holding on to his three million nightly viewers is by creating confusion through misrepresentation.

Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson was born on a Friday in the zodiac sign of Taurus. Venus is the ruler of his INNER and OUTER Selves. The #62 FRI TAU Dayology signature creates individuals with strong desires and firm characters. They tend to have traditional but often expensive tastes. They expect to receive the preferential treatment that goes along with being someone very special.

This is the second time we have examined Tucker Carlson’s Dayology Signature. Earlier in Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire we compared Carlson’s planetary rulership to that of Matt Gaetz, who serves as the U.S. representative for Florida’s 1st congressional district. As a staunch Republican, Gaetz acted as a congressional ally of former president Donald Trump, but who has lately found himself in hot water. It has been shown that both figures, Carlson and Gaetz, fudge the truth particularly when there is a prize to be won. They share the same #62 FRI TAU Dayology Signature, which does NOT mean that everyone with this energy arrangement are bold-face liars, but these two certainly have been caught misshaping the truth with no apologies.

This time around, we are looking at Tucker Carlson’s astrology chart as to the reasons that make him so firm regarding his political positions and so loose with the truth. We found that not only is his Sun located in Taurus but it is also conjunct the Moon. A New Moon creates a decidedly firm character which has difficulty separating its feelings from its core. This causes Carlson to be surprisingly aggressive in defending himself and repetitive in reinforcing his personal agenda. Consequently his style functions as an indoctrination to those looking for direction.

The second factor that seems important is the matter of Astrological Retrogradation. This situation occurs when planets appear to be not moving or moving in reverse from the vantage point of Earth. Generally the presence of retrograde planets is taken as an indicator of needing to go back over certain matters. Half the planets in his chart are identified as retrograde signaling that Carlson needs to become aware of certain aspects of his personality. And there will be occasions in his life when he has to “own up” to his misrepresentations of the collective reality. These matters are discussed in our Dayology presentation of Carlson’s astrological chart.

John Adams, our 2nd American president said that “Facts are stubborn things and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passions, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” And our 12th American president, Abraham Lincoln, wisely stated “You may fool people for a time; you can fool a part of the people all the time; but you can’t fool all the people all the time.” It’s a valuable warning that eventually our lies do catch up to us.

The Shadow Effect

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