The Soul of Our Nation

Last Thursday President Joe Biden gave one of the most important speeches of his presidency. He took 56 minutes of prime time television to enlighten the nation as to what he believes to be the biggest challenge that we are facing for next few years.

Biden’s speech is being called “the Battle for the Soul of the Nation.” His address was purposely given at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the birthplace of the the United States. He began “This is where the United States Constitution was written and debated. This is where we set in motion the most extraordinary experiment of self-government the world has ever known with three simple words: “We, the People.”  These two documents and the ideas they embody — equality and democracy — are the rock upon which this nation is built.” By the way one of Biden’s 2020 campaign promises was to restore the soul of the America.

Since the insurrection on the capitol on January 6th, 2021 Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans are viewed as extreme elements posing the greatest threat to the continuance of our nation as a democracy. Biden made it clear in his speech that he does not see the danger coming from the majority of Republican voters. He stated “But there is no question that the Republican Party today is dominated, driven, and intimidated by Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans.” He described the manner in which these players are trying to undermine our democracy. “They refuse to accept the results of a free election.  And they’re working right now, as I speak, in state after state to give power to decide elections in America to partisans and cronies, empowering election deniers to undermine democracy itself.

America is the grand experiment that right now feels like it is going south! Our government is not operating in the manner that we are accustomed and many of us don’t like the direction it is headed. 58% of Americans state that they are not satisfied with the way democracy is working right now. 67% percent of Americans believe democracy is in danger of collapse compared to 29% who do not.  Only 6% say they actually feel secure. This is a dangerous trend.

A Brookings article written in a year ago in 2021 stated that ex-president Trump’s four year term had not damaged our democracy. The author, Elaine Kamarck, assured us that the guardrails had held true. She listed the five major institutions that protect us from aspiring dictators: Congress, the courts, the federal system, the press and the civil service. She stated that not a one of them lost any legal power during Trump’s challenging presidency. That is really hard to believe.

After the January 6 Commission disclosures Kamarck feels that Trump may deserve to be prosecuted for a number of offences, including obstructing an official proceeding, conspiracy to defraud the government, dereliction of duty and treason for inciting an insurrection. Still she’s not convinced that he will actually be charged with any of these crimes, even though public opinion would put him away for good. What we have on our hands is a spiritual disconnect.

Elaine Kamarck

Elaine Kamarck was born on a Saturday in the zodiac sign of Libra. Saturn rules her INNER SELF and her OUTER SELF is governed by Venus. Individuals born with the #79 SAT LIB Dayology Signature are very conscious of the law and do exceptionally well operating within it.

This time around we are examining the Dayology Signature of a person who is not so well known to the general public but influences many who set governmental policy. Elaine Kamarck has earned her place as a high level adviser and media commentator. She is a Senior Fellow in the Brookings Institution Governance Studies program and the Director of the Center for Effective Public Management. Her many books include: Dirty Tricks in the Digital Age, Primary Politics: Everything You Need to Know about How America Nominates Its Presidential Candidates Candidates and Why Presidents Fail And How They Can Succeed Again.

Elaine Kamarck’ s Dayology #79 SAT LIB signature energy appears strongly in the astrology chart of the United States of America. Saturn is placed in Libras. It is no accident that she is attracted to public policy because this influence is absolutely serious regarding fairness and justice.

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