The End of an Era

Great Britain is mourning and celebrating at the same time. This week Elizabeth, the Queen of England, passed on. She was 96 years old and had ruled for 70 years. Her eldest son, Charles has assumed the throne at the age of 73. The big question is how will the reigns of these two royals differ? First of all British monarchs reign but do not govern. They act as the head of state but do not set policy or make laws. They are born to the position and expected to work with the elected government. So in those particular regards things will definitely proceed as normal.

Still Elizabeth and Charles will be seen as different sorts of rulers not so much because of their genders, but for other important matters. Elizabeth was not viewed as a future ruler at her birth. She was the eldest daughter of a prince, who was viewed as the “spare.” When her royal uncle abdicated, she became the heir following her father. Elizabeth did not attend college but was privately tutored and lived a fairly sheltered life. Like many other British youngsters during World War II she was sent to live in the country. Over the objections of her parents she enlisted at the age of eighteen for active duty as a military driver and mechanic. When the war was over she made her choice of a future mate choosing very appropriately among her options. She had already given birth to the next heir to the throne when she was crowned at 26.

The newly elected Prime Minister, Liz Truss, with Elizabeth (left) and Charles (right).

Charles was born to be a British ruler. He was always been the first in line for the throne. The nation’s eyes have been upon him all his life and not always pleased with what they have seen. Charles was sent to the boarding schools which his father, Prince Phillip, had attended. After earning his a Bachelor of Arts degree in History from the University of Cambridge, he served in the air-force and navy. Charles was 32 years old when he married 20 year old Diana Spencer. They had two sons, but divorced because of the lingering feelings that Charles had for Camilla Shand, who he was not allowed to marry. Diana was unfortunately killed in a car crash. Public opinion worsened as Camila divorced her husband and proceeded to firm up her relationship with Charles. After exchanging vows the pair appear happy, perhaps in the manner that they should have been all along. The family and the nation have graciously accepted their union.

Mother and Son in the sixties

So as you can see these two rulers, mother and son, have faced different challenges and they also made different choices. Elizabeth was young, but not the very youngest heir to take the throne. She offered her competency and even temperament to the world for 70 years. Charles is the oldest British monarch to take office at the age of seventy-three and has a very popular forty year old son waiting in the wings. Right now the new king is a bit of a wild-card as far as to his general behavior and how long he will actually rule as king. As we wait we will see!

Queen Elizabeth II
King Charles III

Queen Elisabeth II was born on a Wednesday in the zodiac sign of Taurus. Mercury rules her INNER SELF and her OUTER SELF is governed by Venus. Individuals with the #38 WED TAU Dayology signature can focus on practical matters and make good decisions regarding the management of public and private resources. Forbes magazine estimates that at her death the queen was personally worth $500 million, most of which is inherited by her son.

King Charles III was born on Sunday in the zodiac sign of Scorpio. The Sun rules his INNER SELF and his OUTER SELF is governed by Mars or Pluto. Individuals with the #08 SUN TAU Dayology Signature tend to have strongly pronounced beliefs and opinions, which they keep to themselves if they are not receiving the attention they think they deserve. They make excellent defenders and even stronger adversaries, two attitudes which he must neutralize when acting as king.

As to who has the best Dayology signature for rulership, it is not so easy to say. Queen Elizabeth did well with her Wednesday Day Ray of an organized administrator. And she gave her life in the service of her people. Her Taurus Sun Sign added the impression that she was very dependable. Charles has neither of these qualities. With a Sunday Day Ray he was born to rule but had to wait decades which was certainly frustrating and tedious at times. While a Scorpio Sun Sign may have great motivation, these folks only show the cards that will get them exactly what they desire at the moment. There is always much more hidden away. The #08 SUN SCO Dayology signature allows for big successes as well as setbacks. We wish Charles the best. God Save the King.

The British Royals

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