Happy Birthday Vlad

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, turned seventy years old last Friday. Have you ever wondered how a ruthless dictator celebrates his birthday? Actually the highlights of his special day were not that difficult to track down. This is what we discovered:

First of all Newsweek gives seventy reasons why Putin might NOT be enjoying his 70th Birthday. The context of significant milestones can be examined to determine their potential for personal satisfaction. From this list of miscalculations, things for the birthday boy are not looking good.

Putin made a point of not taking the day off from work. He cannot appear as if doesn’t have his finger on the nuclear button at all times. His big event was a meeting in St. Petersberg with the heads of intelligence from CIS (Commonwealth of Indepedent States). Of course, he has to keep the lid on the pot. Later in the day Putin received telephone birthday greetings from President Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey; Russian Orthodox Church Patriarch Kirill; Ramzan Kadyrov from Chechnya; and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Did Brasil’s Jair Bolsonaro forget to call?

Several hundred Russian children lined themselves up to spell out a 70th birthday message. Media managers pulled the spot from the air because it drew attention to Putin’s advancing age and poor health. Ouch!

1 in every 10 tractors in the world is manufactured in the Russian republic of Belarus. President Alexander Lukashenko gifted Putin with a bright red tractor. It was something that Vlad had wanted for some time!

The republic of Tajikistan is known for it’s fresh, juicy fruit. On this special day President Putin was presented with a stunning display of melons from Tajikistan’s President Emomali Rahmon. Who doesn’t love melons?

The situations that we decide to give ourselves can be the best gifts. Putin has installed General Sergey Surovikin to command Russia’s troops in the Ukraine offensive after the tragic loss of at least ten Russian generals.

And just as the leftover cake has been returned to the cupboard and the crumbs brushed from the table, there’s more. The day after Putin’s birthday the Kerch bridge, linking Crimea to Russia, burst into flame and several parts of it collapsed. A truck had deliberately been exploded on the road side of the bridge which led to seven oil tankers on the rail side to catch on fire.

Even though Ukraine did not claim and never has accepted responsibility for the attack, Putin retaliated to the “terrorism” with heavy blasts throughout the country. Mykhailo Podolyak, an advisor to Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky, repudiated Putin’s accusations, asserting “there is “only one terrorist state here” and that the “whole world knows who it is”.

Vladimir Putin
Sergey Surovikin

Yes, both of these Russians were born on a Tuesday and in the zodiac sign of Libra as well. Their birthdates are different but both are living under the influence of the #31 TUE LIB Dayology Signature. It is unlikely that these two men are aware that they share this particular set of planetary energies, yet here they have come together and acting like two peas in a pod.

When individuals with the same Dayology Signature interact they experience a general sense of agreement. Even when their ages are widely apart and their birth charts are different, they have the same planetary rulers which makes the world appear to be operating in a similar way. They will agree on the same course of action, but lack outside perspective on their situation.

The most probable scenario is that Sergey Surovikin made Vladimir Putin his role model and he climbed his way up the military chain of command behaving in a deliberately vicious manner in order to be noticed. In a similar way Vladimir Putin snaked his way through the ranks of Russian Intelligence before being invited into the administration of president Boris Yeltsin.

Analysts are saying that this change in military leadership will alter things very little. General Surovikin is already in command of the Russian troops in Ukraine and faces endless logististical problems. From the Daylogy vantage point, Surovikin has the capacity to out-perform even Putin’s demands for war crimes against the Ukrainian people.  

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