Crossing The Line

Paul Pelosi, husband of U.S. Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, was viciously attacked in his San Francisco home during the early morning hours of Friday, Oct. 28th. It is thought by many that the beating that he received with a hammer was originally intended for his wife.

The police arrived on the scene shortly after 82-year old Pelosi managed to dial 911. He had left the phone line open so that the dispatcher could monitor the confrontation. According to San Francisco police chief, William Scott, “Based on her experience and intuition, she basically figured out that there was something more to this incident than what she was being told.” She was absolutely right regarding the nature of this early morning crime and very possibly aware of of a far greater crime being perpetuated by this nation’s far right.

This incident is a great deal more than a household break and enter. It is a signal that politically our nation has crossed a line. No longer are we electing worthy candidates for public office. And these despicable individuals do anything to win elections and whatever they please, once they have won their seats. This horrendous political situation was brought about by deceit and defamation spread to enrage impressionable people and incite them to commit violence.

The Pelosi Residence in
San Francisco, California

According to the crime report David DePape, the perpetrator, was yelling “Where is Nancy?” as he entered the Pelosi residence. Clearly he was expecting Mrs. Pelosi to be snug asleep in her bed. Instead he found himself alone in the house with Mr. Pelosi. When the police arrived the two men were physically struggling over the possession of a hammer. Pelosi had lost his hold and was being violently attacked, fracturing his skull and seriously wounding his arms and hands.

DePape was apprehended by the police. He is charged with attempted homicide and assault with a deadly weapon. Already efforts are being made by conservative media to place blame on any signs of mental illness in the suspect’s life, whereas the true crime is the insincere messaging of dissembling political figures. A quick investigation into the background of David DePape, shows that he was a “believer” and operated a conspiracy oriented website. How did that happen?

Earlier this month the Truthout published a warning. It’s title The Far Right’s Violent Rhetoric Is Escalating, and Includes Talk of Civil War is self-explanatory. One fine example is the message of Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) “I am not going to mince words with you all. Democrats want Republicans dead and they have already started the killings.

These words were spoken by Greene in a recent campaign ad where she “likened Democrats to destructive feral hogs allowed to range free and destroy the American countryside. … As the camera followed her, she grabbed a rifle and climbed aboard a waiting helicopter, where she tracked down and shot a fleeing hog.” Even back in 2019 Greene suggested “a bullet to the head” to the current president as the ultimate solution to the nation’s many social and economic problems.

Senator Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn. spoke to the spoke to the issues that contributed to Paul Pelosi’s injuries on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” As proof that Speaker Pelosi has been been openly threatened film clips were shown of the zombie mobs searching for “Nancy” on January 6th. “And I think it is really important that people realize that it is not just this moment of this horrific attack, but that we have seen violence perpetrated throughout our political system. People showing up at polling places, intimidating election officials.

Paul Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi

Paul Pelosi was born on a Monday in the zodiac sign of Aries. His INNER SELF is ruled by the Moon and Mars governs his OUTER SELF. Individuals with the #24 MON ARI Dayology Signature tend to be actively involved in the moment. They are relatively assertive, even though appearing calm and approachable to those around them. They often are asked to clean up messes.

Nancy Pelosi was born on a Tuesday in the zodiac sign of Aries. Her INNER and OUTER selves are ruled by Mars. Individuals with the #25 TUE ARI Dayology Signature are strong minded and tough on everyone including themselves. They don’t mind taking stands on issues, and although they don’t expect everyone to agree with them, they do their best to win others over to their side.

As logical as it might seem for committed pairs to be composed of individuals with the same Sun Signs, this does not occur as often as might be thought. It is true that people born in the same zodiac sign utilize and exhibit similar energies, but they sometimes get in each other’s way. Paul and Nancy Pelosi solved this problem by supporting one another’s success in different fields.

Nancy Pelosi is truly a political animal. She was first elected to Congress in a 1987 representing San Francisco, California’s 12th District and is now in her 18th term. She was elected Minority Whip of the Democratic party in 2002 and four year later elevated to House Minority leader, becoming the first woman to hold each of those positions. She is now Speaker of the House.

Paul Pelosi made a name for himself as a businessman. He earned an MBA from the Stern School of Business at New York University and then founded the venture capital firm Financial Leasing Services, Inc. In 2009 Pelosi purchased The California Redwoods baseball club, known now as The Sacramento Mountain Lions. It is estimated that the couple is worth $114 million.

Even though both individuals are Aries, there is a significant difference between how they use their Mars energy. Paul has Mars only ruling his OUTER SELF with some softness of the Moon expressing his INNER SELF. Nancy has Mars ruling both her INNER and OUTER selves making her a powerhouse for attracting attention and getting important things done.

UPDATE: Paul Pelosi has undergone hours of surgery and is receiving care within an intensive care unit. He is expected in time to recover completely. Nancy Pelosi remains the highest-ranking member of the House of Representatives and second in the line of succession to the U.S. presidency. She works with her party to maintain the power to offset these violent trends.

UPDATE – It is now known that the intention of David DePape was to kidnap Nancy Pelosi and break her knees as a warning to those who are not paying attention to right wing conspiracies. If and when the birth information of this individual is published, it will be added to the analysis.

Attacker – David DePape

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