Why Trump Cannot Win!

It’s been a big week! The results of the 2022 US Midterm elections are finally in. The news is that a great red wave DID NOT sweep across the nation as was predicted. It was expected that the 300 plus Republican national, state and local candidates endorsed by Donald Trump would win and support him in his future ambitions. Instead these losses indicate that the former president is losing his power to influence voters. Following is a list of Republican candidates who were endorsed by Donald Trump but lost their elections for these high governmental spots:

Failed Gubernatorial Races

  • Kari Lake /Katie Hobbs AR
  • Tudor Dixon /Gretchen Whitmer MI
  • Doug Mastriano/Josh Shapiro PA
  • Lee Zeldin /Kathy Hochul NY
  • Dan Cox/ Wes Moore MD.
  • Geoff Diehl /Maura Healey MA
  • Darren Bailey/J.B. Pritzker IL
  • Scott Jensen /Tim Walz MN.
  • Mark Ronchetti /Michelle Grisham NM
  • Derek Schmidt / Laura Kelly KS

Failed Senate Races

  • Mehmet Oz /John Fetterman PA
  • Don Bolduc/Maggie Hassan NH
  • Leora Levy /Richard Blumenthal CN
  • Gerald Malloy /Peter Welch VT

Failed House Races

  • Bo Hines /Wiley Nickel NC
  • Steve Cabot / Greg Landsman OH
  • Madison Gilbert / Emilia Sykesin OH
  • John Gibbs /Hillary Scholten MI
  • Yesli Vega /Abigail Spanberger VI
  • Karoline Leavitt /Chris Pappas NH
  • J.R. Majewski /Marcy Kaptur OH
  • Sandy Smith /Don Davis NC
  • Robert Burns /Ann McLane Kuster NH
  • Sarah Palin /Mary Petlota AL
  • Jim Bognet /Matt Cartwight PA

Ballotpedia informs us that President Donald Trump made 285 political endorsements since he left office in 2021. While there were losses, to be perfectly honest many of his picks won their elections. Still most of these candidates were incumbents with strong records of success and didn’t need his help to win. The problem is that even though half of U.S. Representatives may be counted as Republican their margin is so slim that they must reach across the aisle and make deals instead of being able to “railroad” their particular concerns and interests into law.

This is also the week that Donald Trump announced that he is running for President in the 2024 election. Mitch McConnell, who was reelected for another term as Senate Minority Leader, promised to stay out of the upcoming the Republican primary. Back in August McConnell stated that the poor Republican candidate quality in the Senate race would affect the outcome of the Senate and he was absolutely right. Never before were US voters presented with such an inappropriate and inexperienced slate of choices for these government positions. Fortunately the American voters have prevented many of these Trumpian figures from holding office.

And it is also the week that the Department of Justice appointed an independent council to oversee the criminal investigations of Trump’s obstruction regarding the national defense documents taken to his personal resort and the critical role he played in of the January 6, 2021, Capitol insurrection. Once it is proven that Trump has committed serious crimes he will be viewed as a treasonous figure, whether or not he is sentenced. Those who continue to hold his political inclinations will find themselves in a very uncomfortable situation.

The reason why Trump cannot win national office again is because too many people have seen his true identity. He cannot hide the fact that he has no respect the law and cares nothing for the welfare of the American people. He uses anyone to get anything he wants. His demand for unquestioned loyalty absolutely degrades all his relationships. He bows to those who are more ruthless than himself. One term of Trump as President is all that Americans can take.

Donald Trump

Kari Ann Lake

Donald Trump was born on a Friday in the zodiac sign of Gemini. His INNER SELF is ruled by Venus and Mercury governs his OUTER SELF. Those with the #63 FRI GEM Dayology Signature are generally seen as easy communicators. This natural gift for promotion and aggrandizement has given him access to high places, but more and more people now have his number.

Kari Anne Lake was born on Monday in the zodiac sign of Virgo. Her INNER SELF is ruled by the Moon and Mercury governs her OUTER SELF. Those with the #18 MON VIR are capable of great discernment if they can discipline their minds. If not, they fall victims to their lower natures and find themselves demeaning others with extreme judgments and snippy criticism.

What does Dayology say about a possible partnership between these two political figures? They share Mercury as the ruler of their OUTER SELVES giving each a highly verbal self-expression. After decades of pushing their own opinions on others, together they would probably drive each other crazy. And with such enormous egos, they could not possibly share the same space.

Keri Anne Lake was photographed with Donald Trump on the 2022 campaign trail. She appears to have burst into the Republican political scene after having been both a registered Democrat and an Independent at various points of her life. Generally it is thought that candidates headed to Washington DC should have some experience with the law or public service. The best that could be said about Lake is that after decades as a FOX news anchor she knows her way around a television studio. In many ways she is an exact female version of Trump in that she can say anything and smile. Also like Trump, she apparently has no conscience whatsoever.

There is talk about Lake as a presidential running-mate for Trump. This might have been possible last summer, but Trump despite his many losses, does not respect “LOSERS.” Her first election failure may exclude her from any such consideration now. But you never know how a new “spin” could improve her chances. Perhaps this is the reason that Lake has made such a dramatic and unreasonable scene about declining to concede from her Arizona election mishap!

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