The Truth Sets Us Free!

According to historian, Michael Bescholss, the indictment of past U.S. president, Donald J. Trump is an absolute turning point. It alerts all who would run for public office in this country that they will be held accountable, which is not the prevalent political attitude at this time.

Michael Bescholss has made the American Presidency the focus of his literary career. He is the author of nine books on important periods and prominent figures in U.S. history. He is always a welcomed guest on newscasts and talk shows because of his gentle clarifications of the political issues faced by our nation during it’s three hundred year history. Recently Bescholss appeared on a show hosted by Ali Velshi to assure the viewers that the indictment of Trump is a good thing because it allows Democracy to work out its problems in the clear light of day.

Yes, it feels good that we may be headed in the right direction. The past several years have been difficult living with the knowledge of so many lies told and crimes committed by the former administration without accountability. Unexpectedly an old expression, “The truth will set you free.” seems to reflect this very situation. It comes from a New Testament passage (John 8:31-32) meaning that being aware of the truth allows for an escape from the bondages of deception. Sometimes this deception is just a lack of understanding and other times it is a clear plan of duplicity. Either way And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

But how does the truth set us free? How do we relinquish the ties that bind us? What if we actually prefer the false versions of the truth and enjoy the benefits that dishonesty earns us. This is the exact situation of millions of Trump supporters and especially those with much to lose. “The Donald” could hardly want to admit that he acts as a deceiver or accept the consequences of his misleading actions. The followers of Trump may not care to admit that they actually looked up to this inventor of lies or that they supported him with their votes, as well as their devoted attendance at rallies and endless financial donations.

Truth has a way of showing up regardless of how carefully it may be hidden away. It is part of the initial design of life. Trump followers will clearly experience difficulties when they actually face the truth about their misleading leader. Awakenings will occur as the trials unfold regarding Trump transgressions. Much of what is currently being asserted as true is actually false.



Ali Velshi was born on a Wednesday in the zodiac sign of Virgo. Mercury is the ruler of both his INNER SELF and OUTER SELF. This doubled rulership of Mercury makes the learning, analytic and explaining function exceptionally strong in his nature. While Velshi is actually a very well meaning person, this aspect of his personality is often overshadowed by his attention to details.

Michael Beschloss was born on a Wednesday in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Mercury is the ruler of his INNER SELF and Jupiter governs his OUTER SELF. While Michael Beschloss is an intelligent and gifted historian, it is the Jupiter element in his personality that makes him fascinated in how important events have come about, making him a natural story-teller.

The two personalities under examination each have long experience in their respective fields. Today Ali Veshi hosts a serious weekend show on MSNBC but he began reporting the news as a Canadian journalist. His guest, Michael Beschloss is the  the author of nine books on the US presidency, and now acts as a genial guest who explains the actions of politicians to a tee.

Both of these celebrities were born on Wednesday and have Mercury as their INNER RULERS, Consequently they are different in their OUTER or personality expressions. Due to the Doubled Rulership of Mercury, Velshi’s basic inclination is to be exceptionally careful regarding his messages. He has depth and he works at expanding his overall perspective. Bescholss does not feel the same pressure to be exact but accurately senses the patterns that history follows.

It is interesting that the Sun Signs of these two communicators, Virgo and Sagittarius, are of the MUTABLE MODE. This means that the people of these sign signs are adaptable to new facts and information, generally with the goal of better understanding the matters that they study and teach. Learning and expressing the truth of things is the primarily goal of people with Mutable Signs and so it seems to true with this particular cable news host and his valued guest.

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