The Truth Sets Us Free!

According to historian, Michael Bescholss, the indictment of past U.S. president, Donald J. Trump is an absolute turning point. It alerts all who would run for public office in this country that they could be held accountable, which is not the prevalent political attitude at this time.

Michael Bescholss has made the American Presidency the focus of his literary career. He is the author of nine books on important periods and prominent figures in U.S. history. He is a welcomed guest on newscasts and talk shows because of his easy clarifications of issues as they have been faced in our nation’s three hundred year history. Bescholss appeared this weekend on Velshi hosted by Ali Velshi to assure the viewers that the indictment of Trump is a good thing because it allows Democracy to work out its problems in the clear light of day. Then one hour later, previous New York Country district attorney, Cyrus Vance Jr. showed up on Inside with Jen Psaki and informed us that Trump even if convicted of his crimes, he may not be actually imprisoned for these crimes and might simply be fined as determined by the law.

It feels good to be told that we are headed in the right direction. It has been hard to live with the knowledge of so many lies told and crimes committed without accountability. An old expression reflects this very situation, “The truth will set you free.” It comes from a New Testament passage (John 8:31-32) meaning that being aware of the truth allows us to from escape from the bondages of deception. “And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.

But how does the truth set us free? How does it feel to relinquish that which binds us? What if we actually prefer the false versions of the truth and enjoy the benefits that dishonesty earns us. This is the exact situation of millions of Trump supporters and especially Donald Trump himself. “The Donald” could hardly want to admit that he acts as a deceiver or accept the consequences of his disruptive actions. The followers of Trump may not care to admit that they actually looked up to this inventor of lies and perpetrator of cruelty, or that they supported him with their votes, as well as their devoted attendance at rallies and dedicated financial donations.

The Trump followers will experience difficulty regardless of when they actually face the truth about their misleading leader. An awaking may occur as this trial unfolds regarding breaking campaign finance laws or during the many other Trump ordeals which are underway. Or this recognition may occur in their mandatory after-death examinations in the heavenly court.




Vance Jr.

This group of individuals form radically different relationships than those that the blog usually examines. Each pair has come together for a segment on cable news to present the truth to the American public as they personally understand it. We are not concerned with their lifestyles, families or romances. We are interested in what they think about our hard times.

Both of the program hosts, Ali Velshi and Jen Psaki, have long experience in examining and reporting the news. The guests, Michael Bescholss and Cyrus Vance Jr., are known for their careers in history and the law. Each is reacting in their individualistic ways to the news that Donald Trump has been indicted for a set of crimes in which he is clearly involved.

Do we really expect Dayology to reveal the tapestry of the universe through four Dayology Signatures? Actually each person alive is a thread that contributes to the overall human fabric. The interweaving of the “many colorings” of the Day Rays and Sun Signs create the pattern, while the “character” of the personalities determine the texture and resilience of the cloth.

Yes, from Dayology we can tell a lot about these four particular “truth seekers” for that is what they are. The Wednesday Day Rays of the first pair represent the essential exchange of knowledge and techniques. The Friday and Monday Day Rays of the second pair indicate the particular feelings and behaviors though which we express our concern for one another.

Interestingly all four individuals have Sun Signs in The Mutable Signs of the zodiac, indicating. that they all live comfortably in a world filled with change and have found his or her individual manner of self-expression. Actually the “flexibility” of each of these four individuals, and all the others like them, contributes to humanity’s ability to move past the errors of our past.

That is not to say that Mutable Signs are any better than Cardinal and Fixed signs, but these particular threads help us to understand the motivations and resistances of the other two Modalities. Their insights can promote “getting along” and “setting matters straight.” Still all three Modalities work at their best within the framework of TRUTH because it sets us free.

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