The Balcony Moment

Regardless of whatever event might be celebrated, it is the appearance of the royals on their balcony of Buckingham Palace that appears to mean the most to the British people. Supposedly It is a sign that the monarchy is making itself available and taking its responsibilities seriously. And it is an excellent indication of who is currently in royal favor and precisely who is not.

After the grand coronation ceremony which hosted 2,200 guests at the Westminster abbey, King Charles III and Queen Camilla were transported in a golden carriage back to Buckingham Palace. All along the route the crowds gathered for a glance of the glowing faces of the new monarchs as they made their way to the next well-planned event of this remarkable day.

After months of planning, the coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla took place at Westminster Abbey this Saturday, on May 6, 2023. In recent months, numerous details about the day, including who will attend and who is participating, have been announced, and the royal fans have speculated about what the various members of the royal family will be wearing and where they will sit in regards to the ceremonial plans. But there was also quite a bit happening in the cosmos, coinciding with the coronation this weekend. Let’s see how it all came together.

It was no surprise as to who would be waving on the balcony with the new king and queen because the full list had been published weeks ahead of the event. And It didn’t take much observation to realize which members had not made the grade. The son of the king, Prince Harry, was obviously missing. He attended the coronation complying with his father’s wishes but quickly headed back to the USA via a commercial jet. His American wife, Meghan Markle remained home in California with their two children, Archie and Lilibet. One cannot expect to reveal unpleasant family dynamics and be welcomed back into the fold. And it was no surprise that disgraced Prince Andrew, and his daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, were not did not show up along with their divorced mother, Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York. One cannot be related to a known sex trafficker and be invited to the best of all social events.

Actually several “coronations” took place on this day. The first was composed of the appearances being presented to the public. The second was the drama going on between the members of the royal family itself. The third was the ancient event engineered by clergy and the powers behind throne, and the fourth was innerworkings within the heavens above.

The Coronation of Charles III
and Queen Camilla

The Dayology Analysis is a space usually reserved for examining the birthdates of remarkable individuals and relating their personal natures to their birth energies. However Dayology can also be used to determine “the potential” of dates when certain “things” are begun. It is an old astrological premise that “the inception” of anything holds the essence of its nature.

Dayology is an application of astrology which determines the reasons WHY any human being is born on a certain day. Its understandings are based upon the Day Ray (INNER) and Sun Sign (OUTER) energies of any particular day. The HOW and WHEN that individuals work out their purpose can then be carefully explained by Natal Astrology, assisted by a variety of other predictive techniques. When astrology is utilized in this clear manner, it becomes quite insightful. So lets see what Dayology has to offer us in term of personal and political insights.

It is not understood exactly how the date of this particular coronation was chosen, but Wikipedia mentions that “an earl marshalEdward Fitzalan-Howard, 18th Duke of Norfolk, was personally in charge of organizing the coronation. It also states that a committee of privy counsellors played a large part in arranging the event. Aside from the fact that “The choice was made to ensure sufficient time to mourn the death of Queen Elizabeth II before holding a joyous ceremony” there were certainly many other considerations. Charles became the legal ruler upon his mother’s death being the next in the line of succession. It was not necessary for Charles to go through the ritual of king-making that has been employed by the British Empire for a thousand years. The “crowning” satisfied his desire for “the experience” for which he believed he was destined.

It is not stated anywhere online whether the gathering of august figures included an astrologer. In the times past, the advisers to royalty almost always included a stargazer or two. Their advice was always factored in with the politics of the day. It is the startling nature of the coronation date that prompts an investigation. May 6, 2023 was the time of not only a Full Moon but it was also a Lunar Eclipse. While we still do not know who is responsible for selecting this date, a number of astrologers and journalists have accepted the task of explaining the events of the day. These insights are offered in a set of Dayology Links entitled The Coronation of Charles III.

Many are pondering as to whether or not it was wise to choose such a powerful day for the King’s Coronation. There are those who think the opposing energies of the Sun and Moon are too strong for a man of his age. Dayology views the Coronation and its eventual outcomes in terms of the #74 SAT TAU Dayology signature composed by Saturday and Taurus energies. Oddly it is the most most dense of all the 84 Day Ray and Sun Sign combinations. While this energy can produce physical plane results, these outcomes may not be appreciated because they are so practical. Innovations take time and resources to be developed. Maybe it will all be too little too late. Perhaps it is the basic needs of the people that must be addressed. We must wait and see.

So now King Charles is legitimately on the throne with his beloved Camilla by his side. Can he mend the family that he fractured to satisfy the desires of his heart? Will he contribute to the health and stability of his nation or help the world survive planet change? These important questions are the critical matters that can only be determined by acts of will on his part.

The British Royals

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