Born on the Cusp

The expression “BORN ON THE CUSP” is an astrological term given to individuals who are born at the beginning or the end of any zodiac sign. These individuals are thought to have a more difficult or challenging life ahead. Only 1 out of every 15 newborns fall into this category..

The zodiac is a circle in space composed of twelve particular constellations. The Sun is said to move through all twelve signs through the duration of a year. Actually the Earth rotates around the sun and from its changing vantage point it appears that the Sun spends approximately 30 days within each sign just as there 30 degrees in one twelfth of a 360 degree circle.

Each zodiac sign has people born on every one of its 30 degrees. The individuals who have their Suns located at the end of any zodiac sign (29 degrees) or at the beginning of any zodiac sign (00 degrees) are influenced by BOTH zodiac signs during their life, but never absolutely equally so. They switch back and forth. These two spots are called ANARETIC DEGREES and were thought by the ancients to be places where we must watch our step.

Each of the twelve zodiac
signs have 30 degrees.

All individuals born on the 00th degree of any zodiac sign are thought by astrology to be entering a new field of experience and may not understand all the rules of the game. They can be a bit hesitant or confused as they realize that there is a lot for them to learn regarding the specific matters of of their sun placement. Those born on the 29th degree are believed to have already finished a series of critical experiences in past lives and should be well versed with the matters represented by that particular zodiac sign. They may instinctively act in manner that presumes no need for advice or assistance from others which is not wise in every situation.

The difficulty of being BORN ON A CUSP comes from the Sun (our identity for this lifetime) attempting to bridge the experiences of one zodiac sign just ending and another just beginning. Astrologically these two signs differ in Polarity, Element and Mode. Having our Sun on a Sign Cusp gives us the feeling that we are continually being pushed and pulled in two different directions. The nature of these “nudges” depend upon the two signs.

It’s pretty likely you were born on a Zodiac Sign Cusp
if one of these dates happen to be your birthday!
Capricorn/Aquarius Cusp – January 20 or 21
Aquarius /Pisces Cusp – February 18 or 19
Pisces/Aries Cusp – March 20 or 21
Aries/Taurus Cusp – April 20 or 21
Taurus/Gemini Cusp – May 21 or 22
Gemini/Cancer Cusp– June 22 or 23
Cancer/Leo Cusp – July 23 or 24
Leo/Virgo Cusp – August 23 or 24
Virgo/Libra Cusp – September 23 or 24
Libra/Scorpio Cusp – October 24 or 25
Scorpio/ Sagittarius – November 22 or 23
Sagittarius/Capricorn – December 22 or 23

If your birthday is just one day off from these dates, you might consider having your Natal Chart calculated. You will have to locate the exact time and place of your birth, but it is worth the effort, because then you will know for certain if you were BORN ON A CUSP.

One of our most enlightening experiences
of our lives occurs when we realize that it is
possible to coexist peacefully with others who
do not share our personal beliefs or habits!

Being TRULY Human
on this Planet

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