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Last week the son-in-law of ex-president Donald Trump, Jared Kushner, testified before a federal grand jury investigating possible election interference. It was reported that Kushner was asked if Trump had ever acknowledged that he had lost the 2020 presidential election. It’s a simple question that lots of people, including the Kushners really don’t want to answer truthfully.

Jared Kushner stated under oath that he was under the impression that Trump believed the election was stolen. He explained that during the January 6th riots the House Minority leader, Kevin McCarthy called Kushner, asking if “anything” could be done because things were “getting ugly.” In many different accounts and in the book “I Alone Can Fix It: Donald J. Trump’s Catastrophic Final Year, members of President Trump’s immediate family claim that they tried to persuade the president all afternoon to condemn the attacks going on. It was only after 4 p.m. that Trump urged his supporters to “go home now” and “remember this day forever!”

Not so long ago Ivanka Trump, daughter of Donald Trump and wife of Jared Kushner, appeared before the House select committee investigating the January 6th Capitol Attack. She stated that she accepted the findings of Attorney General, William Barr, the head of the Justice Department during her father’s administration, that no fraud sufficient to overturn the election had been found. Understandably Trump was upset with his daughter’s forthright answer and explained that she was not working at the White House and wouldn’t have been informed.

This was not the only time that Ivanka was forced to tell the truth. She has testified that on the morning of the January 6th insurrection that she overheard one side of the phone-call between Trump and Vice President Pence. She described the nature of the conversation as “heated” with Trump calling Pence some choice words because he was not supporting Trump’s plan for this very important day. Donald Trump told The Washington Post that her testimony was the result of “harassment.” Trump has also disclosed that Jared and Ivanka had been offered but refused “executive privilege” which he though might have saved them from having to say anything.

The Kushners are in a rather tricky position. Being so close to Trump presents them with endless difficulties. Of course, they know what exactly Donald Trump was thinking after the election, but they do not want to be the ones to directly incriminate him. If Trump understood that he lost the election, all his nefarious remarks are indications of criminal intent to subvert the election. The really big question is if the Kushners have been totally truthful in their depositions or if they have attempted to cover-up for Trump. If it is discovered that they have lied in any fashion, the two of them could be prosecuted and convicted for obstruction along with the ex-president.

Jared Kushner

#68 FRI SCO 
Ivanka Trump

Jared Kushner was born on a Saturday in the zodiac sign of Capricorn. Saturn rules both his INNER and OUTER selves. Those who have the same planet as their INNER and OUTER Rulers are far less complicated than those who have different rulers for the two dimensions of their lives. Jared is resolute both in his spiritual core AND his “successful” worldly identity. That does not mean that he operates in each realm in the same manner. While Kushner solemnly observes the Orthodox Jewish faith, he is materialistic and persistent in his OUTER world actions.

Ivanka Trump was born on a Friday in the zodiac sign of Scorpio. Venus rules her INNER self and Mars is given the rulership of her OUTER self. Individuals with the #68 FRI SCO Dayology Signature are hard to understand because they are so incredibly secretive. Still many born with this particularly intense Venus/Mars rulership become “strong advocates” for certain concerns. Ivanka would no doubt fight for matters benefiting husband and her three children. She might have defended her father “at all costs” had he not placed her in such a difficult position.

It is not clear how Independent Special Council, Jack Smith, will use the individual testimonies of the Kushners in Trump’s upcoming trials (January 6th U.S. Capitol Attack) and (Storage of Classified Documents at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate). Regardless of what is publicly thought of the Kushners, these two are exceptionally well suited as life partners. Their Sun Signs, Capricorn and Scorpio, are both extremely private and motivated toward getting the results they want.

The Kusheners also have a very determined relationship. Vicki Ward‘s book entitled ‘Kushner, Inc.’ tells how Jared’s parents refused to meet Ivanka for six years and this actually split up the couple up. but only for awhile. Even Donald Trump was “baffled by his daughter’s conversion” to Judaism before their wedding. Now Jared and Ivanka say that their religious practices promote a special closeness between them and their three children. As to how else the Kushners may or may not live their faith, we have no idea whatsoever and it’s none of our business.

Arabella Kushner – 7/17/2011
Joseph Kushner – 10/14/2013
Theodore Kushner – 3/27/2016

Both Ivanka and Jared were raised to succeed. Throughout their marriage their greatest rewards and biggest challenges have been presented to them by Donald Trump, his father-in-law and her father. Not only has Trump offered them leading positions in his own enterprises, many of their personal ventures were financed through The Trump Organization. Now the Kushners have to make a choice between remaining “loyal” to Donald Trump and perhaps being convicted.

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