How Old is Too Old?

This Wednesday Mitch McConnell, the U.S. Senate Republican leader froze in silence for about 30 seconds before the camera during his weekly press conference. After being carefully walked away from the podium he returned several minutes later saying “I am fine.”

It was explained that Mitch McConnell had felt light headed and stepped away from the “mike” for a moment. What actually took place is still a mystery. Medical experts watching the broadcast suggested that the nation had just witnessed McConnell having a mini-stroke. The 81 year old Senator has also suffered several unreported falls during the last year.

Dianne Feinstein is Congressional member of Congress experiencing health concerns. Recently 89-year-old Feinstein was hospitalized. It was not her intention to be a “no-show” but her deepening health condition required it. Feinstein’s absence inconvenienced others and she didn’t make it back till the 2024 election. She has shortly died in office.

According to the Quorum website, the median age of Americans is 38 years old, but members of 118th Congress average around 58 years old. The fact is that most U.S. Representatives and Senators are remaining in office longer, some as many as 36 years. Twenty-nine members of the Silent Generation (1928–1945) represent their constituencies of both political parties,

Passing on the baton of leadership is a true test of political responsibility. After 20 years Majority House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi stepped down from her office. At the same time Steny Hoyer, took this opportunity to let go of his House Majority Leader position. The Democratic Party is now led by Hakeem Jeffries from New York and Katherine Clark of Massachusetts.

Many U.S. citizens are wondering if term limits should be set on supreme court justices and members of the Congress, just as there are for U.S. Presidents. With shorter terms for all of these offices, more opportunities would be created for national service. Term limits are preferred to mandatory retirements because they do not discriminate by age. The criteria for public office should be motivation, experience and the ability to discharge duties.





This Dayology Analysis examines the transfer of power that took place as Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer made room for Hakeem Jeffries and Katherine Clark in the U.S. House of Representatives leadership. Despite the fact that the players in this drama were unaware of the astrological factors involved, their Dayology Signatures do a good job in explaining how changes work.

Hakeem Jeffries was born on a Tuesday in the zodiac sign of Leo. Mars rules his INNER SELF and his OUTER SELF is governed by the Sun. Those with the #29 TUE LEO Dayology Signature tend to be dynamic figures who can understand and speak for large groups of people. Their actions speak loudly and proudly as they discover opportunities for them to shine.

Katherine Clark was born on a Wednesday in the zodiac sign of Cancer. Mercury rules her INNER SELF and her OUTER SELF is governed by the Moon. Individuals with the #40 WED CAN Dayology possess a strong mental nature expressed rather softly. Not only do these folks want to see things done correctly and clearly, but also personably and comfortably whenever possible.

While Jeffries and Clark continue to support the policies of the Democratic administration, they are likely to perform some of their duties differently. It is noteworthy that the two new leaders have the exact same Day Rays or INNER Planetary Rulers as the figures that they are replacing. Jefferies and Pelosi were born on Tuesday with strong INNER natures, while Clark and Hoyer are Wednesday’s children who value information and precision. and truth. The differences in the four Sun Signs show up as their natural individual differences in personal temperaments.

A second note is that the zodiac sign rulers of the two new leaders are ruled by the Sun and the Moon. This PLANETARY PAIRING works well in any team in which Sun ruled member takes the leadership role and the Moon ruled accepts a supportive position. In the past it was acceptable for males to be represented by the sun and females by the moon. These influences may work now for Jeffries and Clark, and even for a time. After a while they may want to shift things around and share these “gender functions” in a more integrated, creative or modern manner.

A third point to be made is that Dayology Signatures of Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer each has the same planet ruling their own INNER and OUTER SELVES. “Doubled rulers” create extremely strong personalities according to nature of the planets involved. A Doubled Mars makes Pelosi direct and assertive. A Doubled Mercury makes Hoyer quick and informed. The intense dedication of Pelosi and Hoyer will not show up in the behaviors of their replacements. These “styles” of these two figures represent the demographics and specific concerns of younger voters.

Nancy Pelosi was born on a Tuesday in the zodiac sign of Aries. Mars is the double ruler of both her INNER and OUTER Selves. Individuals with the #25 Dayology signature are exceptionally energetic and courageous. They can run ordinary people ragged with their expectations but they have the capacity to be ready at any particular moment to to assist others or lead.

Steny Hoyer was born on a Wednesday in the zodiac sign of Gemini. Mercury is the double ruler of both his INNER and OUTER Selves. Those with the #39 WED GEM Dayology Signature are very bright and able to see all sides of an issue, once they are pointed out to them. They are known for their frankness in speech and they are trusted because they are excellent negotiators.

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