Doonesbury Gets It!

There is hardly an American citizen who isn’t aware that previous U.S. President Trump was criminally indicted several times this summer, but few have blocked out time on their calendars to personally witness what most certainly will be absolutely historic events.

Part of the complexity of this political situation is the bewildering mass of legal charges that have been made against Trump. One individual, G. B. Trudeau, is keeping track of Trump’s court dates and he has shared this critical information in his Doonesbury cartoon strip last weekend. No one else possesses his unique manner of visually depicting the crazy truths of our lives.

If you are having difficulty reading the captions – take a larger look on the site. Go to AXIOS to learn how Trump’s courtroom calendar clashes with 2024 campaign.

Garretson Beekman Trudeau has been sharing his social vision in the Doonesbury comic strip for over fifty years. It began by depicting a group of students attending the fictional Walden College. After graduation these personalities took on new roles, formed new relationships, and found themselves reflecting the growing complexities of the world. Regular readers will recognize the central character Michael Doonesbury, the aging hippie; Zonker Harris, and liberal talk-show host Mark Slackmeyer. Still you don’t have to be a follower of any of these unique cartoon characters to enjoy the gentle, but insightful chuckles that appear in each new strip.

A detailed Doonesbury Timeline is presented in the Washington Post. From it we learn that this comic strip first appeared in 26 papers on October 26, 1970. By the 2010s, it was featured in 1,400 newspapers worldwide. Along with the continual development of the recurring characters, the quirks of dozens of actual political figures have been humorously presented. The depictions of Donald Trump have been particularly accurate, often scathing. He has appeared as an erratic political candidate, irresponsible U.S. president and possibly as a condemned criminal.

G. B. Trudeau

Gerry Trudeau was born on a Wednesday in the zodiac sign of Cancer. The ruler of his INNER SELF is Mercury and the Moon governs his OUTER SELF. Those with the #40 WED CAN Dayology Signature are known for their perceptive natures. They have a special talent for feeling what is “really” going on and how to best put this awareness to good use in their personal lives.

Due to the highly impressionistic nature of Mercury and the Moon, it would help us greatly to inquire into the zodiac placements of Trudeau’s two Dayology Signature rulers. This astrological information adds greatly to the understanding of the motives and behaviors of any individual. Fortunately this data is located very easily in The Swiss Ephemeris on

The ephemeris page for Trudeau’s birthday month and year (JULY 1948) shows that Mercury is placed in Cancer and the Moon is found in Capricorn. This astrological clarification tells us that Mercury in Cancer increases Trudeau’s perceptive ability while The Moon in Capricorn gives his self-expression a sharp edge. This information confirms Trudeau’s very uncommon gift.

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