That Was No Accident!

According to Russia’s emergency ministry, Yevgeny Prigozhin, leader of the  Wagner private military company, died in an airplane crash on August 23rd, 2023. The next day it was reported that the plane carrying Prigozhin was probably downed on purpose.  A Pentagon spokesperson said that all reports of a surface-to-air missiles were inaccurate. It is most likely that a bomb placed in the wing exploded and caused the plane to crash.

The UK’s Secret Intelligence Service, the MI6’s former head, Richard Dearlove, told the Telegraph newspaper that Prigozhin’s death was “not surprising.” Back in January of 2023 Prigozhin laughed off the claims of an assassination plot against him. Then last June Prigozhin led his Wagner Group of mercenary fighters on a short march to Moscow. The mutiny with its demand for the ouster of Defense Minister Shergei Shoigu lasted less than 24 hours.

That Prigozhin’s life has come to a end is not surprising. “Prigozhin is a deeply disreputable character,” according to Mark Galeotti, a British expert on transnational crime. At the age of 19 Prigozhin was convicted for choking a woman during a Leningrad luxury burglary spree. He was sentenced to twelve years in prison but only served ten due to good behavior. Then with nefarious partners, he became involved in the food industry, as the owner of grocery stores, catering services, and restaurants, through which he earned the title of “Putin’s Chef.”

So how in the world did “the chef” end up as “the warlord?” The New York Times reports that by 2014 Prigozhin was heading up the notorious Saint Petersburg troll farm known as the Internet Research Agency. This disinformation organization “fueled scandals, spewed fake news, and meddled in US elections” deeply enough to warrant an indictment from the U.S. Justice Department. Then in 2022 Prigozhin recruited inmates from Russian prisons to fight in the Wagner Group, promising a pardon if they lasted six months on the battle field. It is estimated that 40,000 inmates joined up, that was 10% of the country’s prison population.

It is reported that public support for Putin’s war has hit an all time low. He is also losing favor with his wealthy Russian oligarchs as well. This week in Financial Times industrialist Andrey Milnichenko revealed that the Ukraine War had caught him totally by surprise. Despite the fact that he had no part in initiating the conflict he was identified as a “Putin enabler” for Russia’s unconscionable war against Ukraine. His business dealings have been drastically affected by international sanctions forcing him to give up his chairmanship and and all his shares.

While, it is recognized that hundreds of civilians and soldiers are unfortunately being killed every month in the Ukraine War this Dayology Analysis focuses on two prominent Russian figures each responsible to President Putin. Both individuals became free-wheeling billionaires “working” the corrupt Russian economic system. Yevgeny Prigozhin died as a “traitor” as might have be expected of anyone who “revolts” over anything in Russia. Andrey Milnichenko appears to have behaved legitimately, but still he is currently under investigation for criminal schemes.


Yevgeny Prigozhin was born on a Thursday in the zodiac sign of Gemini. Jupiter rules his INNER SELF and his OUTER SELF is governed by Mercury. Having Jupiter as an INNER ruler means an truly expansive or optimistic outlook in some regard. Individuals with the #51 THU GEM Dayology Signature often display a “bigger than life” attitude which may or may not be quite accurate.

Andrey Melnichenko was born on a Wednesday in the zodiac sign of Pisces. Mercury rules his INNER SELF and Jupiter governs his OUTER SELF. Those with the #48 WED PIS Dayology Signature are smart, but perhaps overly optimistic with Jupiter governing their outer lives. Up to now this fellow has played his cards like an expert. Can he continue on his winning streak?

Nothing has been found on the Internet to indicate that Prigozhin and Melnichenko were actually friends or business associates, but they certainly were aware of one another as news worthy celebrities in Russia. While both started off poor and become extremely wealthy, they couldn’t be more different in how they made and spent their fortunes. As far as it can be seen Melnichenko played a very tight game while Prigozhin had no ethics whatsoever.

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Astrologically these two individuals are related as they share the same two Dayology Signature rulers. Both are living out the influences of their Dayology Signature Rulers Mercury and Jupiter. These two planets form the Mercantile pair and give a good eye for situations that could create a fortune in a relatively short time. These two planets are reversed as Sun Sign and Day Ray rulers in the Dayology Signatures of these two individuals giving them the same basic issues to deal with regarding enterprise but the freedom to experience their existences differently.

All pairs sharing a Mutual Reception are “astrologically related.” whether they know of one another or not. The actual effects depend upon the OUTER situation and the OUTER character of the two individuals. They share certain qualities. Prigozhin lived his life amorally without regards to the law and that is how he died. Surprisingly Melnichenko does not blame Putin or Prigozhin for the drastic changes in his own personal life, nation or the world. He is philosophic “It’s pointless to talk about good and evil, because it all depends where you’re looking at it from.”

Just for the record Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin
also share a MUTUAL RECEPTION between their
Dayology Signature rulers, making their
political relationship extremely tricky.

Biden and Putin

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