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This week an arrest was made in the unsolved Tupac Shakur killing. Duane K. Davis is on trial for first degree murder in Las Vegas, Nevada. While the gun that killed Tupac belonged to Davis, he did not pull the trigger. Davis is viewed as the master mind of the crime.

Davis was a member of South Side Compton Crips during the 1990’s “hip hop feud” between the East Coast–based record label, Bad Boy Records, and West Coast–based Death Row Records. This conflict put the followers of Biggie Smalls, and Puff Daddy against those of Tupac Shakur and Suge Knight. This rivalry was profitable and creative, but it caused a large number of unsettling deaths, until finally a peace summit through the Nation of Islam was convened.

The Rappers
Duane Keith Davis a.k.a. Keffe (X)
Sean Combs a.k.a Puff Daddy
Marion Hugh Knight a.k.a. Suge Knight
Michael Reed Dorrough a.k.a. Zaharibu
Christopher Wallace a.k.a Biggie Smalls (X)
Lesane Parish Crooks a.ka Tupac Shakur (X)
Marion Hugh Knight a.k.a. Suge Knight (X)
Orlando Anderderson a.ka. Baby Lane (X)
Terrence Brown a.k.a. “Bubble Up” (X)
DeAndreSmith a.k.a. “Big Dre” (X)
Yafeu Akiyele Fula a.k.a. Yaki Kadafi (X)
(X) indicates deceased

On September 7, 1996 Tupac Shakur was fatally shot after attending a championship bout at the MGM Grand. On the way out of the hotel his crew became involved in a scuffle with members of the Southside Crips. The reason for the fight was that Tupac Shakur was upset with Crip member, Orlando Anderson, for attempting to rob Trevon Lane, an employee of Death Row Records, of his Death Row chain at a Foot Locker store. According to Greg Kading, author of Murder Rap: The Untold Story of the Biggie Smalls & Tupac Shakur Murder Investigations, Puff Daddy had offered a bounty of $10,000 for a gold Death Row medallion to use in a video that he was producing.

The infamous shooting of Tupac Shakur occurred three hours after the MGM hotel incident. Suge Knight was driving Tupac around Las Vegas in a black BMW. They were headed to  Club 662 where Shakur was to perform that night. A white Cadillac pulled alongside them at a red light. Within seconds Tupac was shot four times. He was rushed to a hospital and died six days later.

So who killed Tupac? There was a driver, Terrence Brown and three passengers in the White Cadillac. Duane K. Davis sat in the front passenger seat. Orlando Anderson and Andrea Big Dre were in the back. The police were told by Davis that he gave his gun to his nephew, Orlando Anderson, who took the shots at Tupac. This explanation appears not to be true.

The shooting was witnessed by Yafeu Akiyele Fula who was driving the vehicle immediately behind Tupac’s car. He claimed the shooter was DeAndre Big Dre. Two weeks later Orlando Anderson was shot in the legs with an AK-47 and was confined to a wheelchair for some time. One month later Kadafi’s dead body was found in New Jersey with one shot to the head.

Just six months after Tupac was killed Biggie, Smalls was assassinated in a drive-by shooting. Smalls was shot as he was leaving a music industry party. He was riding in the front passenger seat of a Chevrolet Suburban when another vehicle pulled up and opened fire. Smalls was taken to Miami hospital where he died. Nobody was ever charged in his killing. 

Sixteen months after Tupac’s death three men were killed in a shoot-out at a Compton car wash. They were Jerry and Michael Stone two members of the Corner Pocket Crips and Orlando Anderson. Anderson’s friend, Michael Reed Dorrough was injured but survived. He was given a life sentence in prison which he still disputes to this day.

Nineteen years after Tupac’s death Terrence Brown and an owner of the marijuana shop were found dead from multiple gunshot wounds. There was no indications that either of the two had weapons. This murder left Duane K, Davis the only living survivor from the gang that tooled around in the White Cadillac.


Knight Jr. 

May 21, 1972



Duane “Keffe D”

Instead of individually profiling these six males who made the Hip Hop culture their lives, the Dayology Patterns that they share will be examined. Tupac Shakur, Biggy Smalls and Orlando Anderson died in their early twenties from gang related shootings. The first two (Gemini the Twins) were rappers operating at the top of their game and portrayed as rivals. To the best of our knowledge, both talked a good game, but neither actually killed anyone.

Did you notice that three of our six rappers
are Gemini, which is not surprising as this
zodiac sign shows up prominently among
the Sun Signs of Rappers. A SPECIAL SET
OF INTERNET LINKS is being prepared for
your reading on this intriguing subject.

Tupac and Biggie were both talented, famous and rich. They were excellent performers. Astrologically they each had great credentials. Biggie was born on a Sunday which gave him a deep need for respect and attention. He was often pictured as King of New York wearing a crown. Tupac, on the other hand, was Wednesday’s child, gifting him with a super-abundance of intelligence and creativity. Tupac is considered a poet and the originator of some of the most “thoughtful lyrics” in hip hop history.

The third young individual (Orlando “Baby Lane” Anderson) was neither rich nor famous. Raised by his grandparents, he was described as having been a good student and the father of four children from a serious relationship. Anderson’s #29 TUE LEO energy gave him a strong and loyal nature, but he may have mistakenly placed his trust in his uncle Duane K. Davis.

We may never know for certain who actually killed Tupac, but it is very clear that the three of the individuals in this examination managed to “get through” those violent times. Suge Knight, founded Death Row Records and currently is serving a 28 year prison sentence for a fatal hit and run accident. Sean Combs surprisingly has reassigned the publishing rights back to the Bad Boy Records performer. Having branched out into some highly profitable and fashionable directions, he has won a number of awards and made many contributions to charities. The Dayology Signatures of both Knight and Combs are OUTWARDLY ruled by assertive Mars. In Aries it is quite direct but there is always something hidden regarding Scorpios.

The last male, Duane “Keffe D” Davis is hardly known to anyone. He is the uncle of the deceased Orlando Anderson. This week Davis testified that he directed Tupac’s killing at the bequest of Sean Combs who placed million dollar hits on Tupac Shakur and Suge Knight. As to the truth of this matter , it is difficult to say. All we know for certain is that this story is one bad act following another.

“There’s one thing that’s for sure
when living that gangster lifestyle,
You already know that the stuff
you put out is going to come back;
you never know how or when, but there’s
never a doubt that it’s coming.”

~ Duane K. Davis

LINKS – It’s Karma

“What goes around comes around.”
What we do eventually comes back to us.
If not in this life, then the next.




Tupac Shakur was born on a Wednesday in the zodiac sign of Gemini. Mercury acts as both his INNER and OUTER ruler. Individuals with the #39 WED GEM Dayology Signature are recognized for their ………………………………………………………

Orlando Anderson was born on a Tuesday in the zodiac sign of Leo.

Duane Davis was born on a Friday in the zodiac sign of Gemini. The ruler of his INNER Self is Venus and Mercury acts as ruler of his OUTER SELF. Those with the #63 FRI GEM are generally

A bit of Dayology Research has been made

It’s interesting that Biggie Smalls was born on Sunday. At birth was given the name Barron Claiborne, but he was professionally known as Notorious B.I.G. He aptly represented himself wearing a crown on his promotional posters. As talented as he was, he clearly had fantasies of being a ruling force. None of the rappers of his time, had this special Dayology advantage.

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