A Tribute to Rosalynn Carter

Three days of this week were given to honor the life of former First Lady, Rosalynn Carter.
On Monday a motorcade moved slowly down the streets of Plains, Georgia, the town where she was born and to adjoining downtown Americus where she attended school. Tuesday took her thirty miles to the state capitol in Atlanta, where she served as the first lady of Georgia. On Wednesday a memorial service was held for family and close friends back in Plains.

All throughout these three days the media presented unknown aspects of the life of this key women of her times. We learned that Rosalynn Carter grew up down the road from where Jimmy Carter was raised. In fact she was delivered by Carter’s mother, Lillian, who was a nurse. Her childhood was uncomplicated as the daughter of a school bus-driver and a school cafeteria worker. Jimmy, who was three years older than Rosalynn, paid no attention to his sister’s friend until the summer of 1945. The pair fell in love on their first date and married one year later.

As to their relationship, Jimmy Carter is quoted as saying  “Rosalynn was my equal partner in everything I ever accomplished,” and that claim appears to be true. The Carters spent their 77 years living on naval bases, managing the family peanut farm and serving in public office until their retirement. Then they established the Carter Center and worked on a series of charitable projects while their four children nurtured their own families. They continually made the effort to share outdoor interests contributing to their good health. Jimmy, although 99 years old and in hospice care, stayed with Rosalynn as she passed and attended her three days of tribute.

August 18, 1927
Rosalynn Carter

Rosalynn Carter was born on a Thursday in the zodiac sign of Leo. Her INNER SELF is ruled by Jupiter and her OUTER SELF was governed by the Sun. Her impressive life was fueled by a strong combination of Solar and Jupiterian energies. Individuals born with the #53 Dayology Signature inevitably find their ways to the spot where they can do the most good. They are richly rewarded as long as they lead with a fully positive attitude and look after those less fortunate.

Thursday is thought to be the day of abundance, but everyone born on this day of the week may not understand that prosperity increases as it is circulated and lessens as it is hoarded. Wealth doesn’t always mean credit cards and bank accounts. It also includes all that is treasured though immeasurable in life, as in good health, positive relationships and further opportunities. If the consciousness of Thursday were put into full activity, there would be no lack in the world.

The zodiac sign of Leo confers importance upon those born under its influence. Most often it indicates a strong need or craving for attention. Leo can also give instant recognition, even lasting fame, for less than acceptable behavior. At its best it indicates public acknowledgements for good intentions and deeds well done. In the case of First Lady Rosalynn Carter her reputation for being compassionate and responsible is well established and deserved.

Once when Rosalynn Carter was asked how she wanted to be remembered, she replied that she would like it known that she recognized the opportunities presented to her and did the best she could. She also made things happen. There is a story about a press conference that her husband was holding as governor of Georgia. She took a place in the line of questioners and when it was her turn to speak, she asked how he would be helping people with mental health issues. She made it her business to publicize the importance of “caregiving” within our society.

The author Johnathan Alter claims that in doing his research for His Very Best: Jimmy Carter, he could honestly say that he had never come across anyone who had anything bad to say about Rosalynn Carter. “I’ve been thinking a lot today about Rosalynn Carter and the time we spent together when I was working on my book. The nickname she acquired in the White House (and liked) was “The Steel Magnolia.” It’s the perfect way to express her strength and grace.”

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