The Unfolding Future

Here we stand at the opening of another year. We cannot help but wonder what events of another 365 day cycle could bring. During the last time the earth circled the sun, for that is the manner in which we measure our year, we suffered the hottest year on record, a deadly conflict between Israel and Hamas broke out, and the war in Ukraine continued without resolution.

Add to all that, gun violence in the USA has never been higher, the inequalities between various groups were never more apparent, and democracy, the social experiment that it is, is being severely tested. In short, many of us are not living as well as we had expected, or can actually tolerate. We wonder what is going on and what can be done to make things better.

Here’s the news! It’s either horrible or stupendous depending upon your perspective. If you want things to stay the same, you will find the unfolding future to be tedious, difficult, perhaps even futile. Things are going to change for the better or the worse. They are NOT gong to remain as they are. If you want help getting things right, just welcome in the new planetary influences. We are being offered the chance to do things differently and to move in a brand new direction.

It should not surprise us that what we are feeling in our lives is actually being initiated in the heavens above us. So above – so below. Astrologically this year, one by one, all the OUTER planets are SWITCHING from one zodiac sign to another. This means that the opportunities and challenges that these heavenly bodies have been offering us will take on a different purposes and be delivered in different modes. We may also be finding ourselves in some tough spots and being forced to adjust to the new challenges set before us, The trick will be to remain flexible and even behave experimentally as the situation demands these responses.

It’s clear to see how closely these five planetary shifts into new zodiac signs occur (all less than a eighteen months) and how far into the future (twenty years) they take us. Apparently these changes constitute a RESET for our planet and everything which lives upon it. It need NOT indicate the destruction of anything except the self-centered attitudes of humankind, but left unchanged these selfish viewpoints will lead to unlimited destruction all around us.

Upcoming Changes

PLUTO – CAP/AQU – 1/21/2024 – 1/19/2044
JUPITER – TAU/GEM – 5/25/2024 – 6/9/2025
NEPTUNE – PIS/ARI – 3/30/2025 – 5/21/2038
SATURN – PIS/ARI – 5/25/2025 – 4/13/2028
URANUS – TAU/GEM – 7/7/2025 – 5/22/2033

PLUTO, the smallest and furthest “planet” in our solar system represents transformation, but things must break down to build up again. Pluto in In Capricorn has challenged social structures since November 2008. As it enters Aquarius in late January of 2024 it pushes us to reevaluate and redefine the roles of technology, social services and law enforcement in our daily lives.

JUPITER, the largest planet and distributer of optimism, has moved through Taurus since May of 2023. Greatly needed progress has been delayed by a conservative attempt to keep things as they have been in the past. It enters Gemini in May of 2024, when there will be a lot of big talk until June of 2025 when the correct tone of heightened Cancerian concern is established.

NEPTUNE, the most nebulous, mystical and frankly confusing planet, has hid out in Pisces since February of 2012. It’s energies are sensed by those of an imaginative and compassionate nature but very few others. At the end of March 2025 Neptune moves into Aries where fire meets fog. This mismatch may at cause some pop and fizzle, but it is a good source of inspiration.

SATURN, which represents responsibility, has been on “light-duty” in Pisces since July of 2023, making us all wonder if any worthwhile changes would ever get underway. This planet moves into the take-charge sign of Aries at the end of May 2025. A brisk turn-around or change of pace may bring in some unpleasant experiences as it forces us to “stop and face the music.”

URANUS, the planet of change has been held back in Taurus since May of 2019. “Foot dragging” or “deliberate delay” is the cause of our most significant problems. Matters will become more comfortable when this planet moves into the sign of Gemini in July of 2025. This heralds lots more discussion regarding the development and promotion of many advanced ideas.

Now if much of this sounds good to you, you must understand what has been described is the potential for creating a new future, but it will not appear on its own. Groups of people all over the world must take it upon themselves to demand and initiate the change that is needed. And it is possible for these planetary influences to be used for less than worthy purposes. There are those who act as if they are for change and others who tell us that to survive we must go back to the past. They must be recognized for their mistaken understandings and firmly dismissed .

The truth is that important changes are long over-due especially for those who unfortunately find themselves on the “short end” of the stick. So many living on this planet are persecuted for being born “different” than those around them. Certain people feel it is their right or even their duty to take the lives of anyone who disagrees with them. And its a fact that 25,000 die every day of starvation simply because some of us take far more than our share of the “pie.” All of this could be very possibly be changed during the upcoming “unfolding of the future.”

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