The Valley Forge Speech

The words of the original Valley Forge Speech made by General George Washington were never recorded, but it is known they rallied the troops and helped to win the War of independence. Speeches allow leaders to push important national issues which need to be addressed.

This last Friday afternoon, January 5th, President Joe Biden gave an effective speech at this very same historic Revolutionary War site. It was televised to remind the nation that the results of the upcoming 2024 presidential election needs great consideration. This fall Biden will be running again against Donald Trump, if he wins his party’s nomination and the Supreme Court allows his name to appear as a candidate on the U.S. State ballots. There is absolutely no certainties regarding the future election, but an abundance of hopes and fears abound.

In his address Biden reminded us that one of the many reasons that Americans should not want another Trump presidency. Trump himself has warned us that he plans to behave as “a dictator” beginning on his first day of his second term. If these assurances are not enough to cause voters to turn away, Trump has engaged in speech borrowed from Adolf Hitler and his Nazi cohorts. He refers to the immigrants arriving at our borders as “poisoning the blood of our country.” He forgets that the majority of citizens of this nation have immigrants in their family lineage.

Absolutely No Resemblance!

George Washington at
Valley Forge, PA.

Donald Trump at the
!/6/2021 Insurrection

At this time there is no way to judge the effects of Biden’s Valley Forge speech. We know that the date for this political speech was scheduled for January 6th but was switched to the 5th because of approaching poor weather. The original date was the third anniversary of the infamous insurrection that took place in Washington D.C. While mentions of this horrific event were made in Biden’s speech, the responsibility of the shock, damage and injury is being laid at the feet of the past president. Trump initiated the riot because he could not accept his loss of the 2018 election and did not want to carry on the peaceful transfer of power of presidents.

There was nothing false said in this speech, but there are those who think Biden shouldn’t have used this national site to push his own political interests. Like any other political candidate it is his prerogative to request the use of our national landmarks, but the president is more likely to have his requests granted. Still anyone with “half a brain” can see that the president’s words prompt us to remember our history and value of our democratic form of government.

Donald Trump

Joe Biden

Donald Trump was born on a Friday in the zodiac sign of Gemini. Venus rules his INNER SELF and Mercury governs his OUTER LIFE. Those with the #63 VEN GEM Dayology Signature are great communicators, but it is left to them to determine HOW they use their words. Up until this point Trump has been very irresponsible and there is no reason to expect any changes now,

Joe Biden was born on a Friday in the zodiac sign of Scorpio. Venus rules his INNER SELF and Mars (or Pluto) governs his OUTER SELF. Individuals with the #68 VEN SCO Dayology Signature are generally crusaders. They may or may not advertise this quality but it cannot be completely repressed. Biden uses this striving energy for political power and to advance his causes.

It is difficult to ignore the fact that both of these politicians were born with the Friday Day Ray, even with the differences in their OUTER behaviors. Venus, the ruler of Friday, nurses an INNER ideal of how values and relationships could work in the world. How this ideal becomes solid and real depends upon the OUTER nature of the Sun Signs working through the Natal Chart.

Trump’s Sun Sign is Gemini while Biden’s is Scorpio. These two Sun Signs create two different OUTER behaviors for these two individuals. Trump is overt in his speech expressing his desires of being admired and respected. He uses his Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, to create endless schemes to get rich and remain popular. He is incredibly careless regarding details. Biden is less easy to understand because Scorpio never shows all its cards. His ability to develop strategies and execute them is strong. Biden’s motivation comes through the basic instincts of Mars regarding unresolved social problems and his own unfinished personal business.

Dayology is offered as a quick, but accurate look at an individual’s motivations using the 84 combinations of Sun Signs and Day Rays. It can be used along side or within a wide variety of other astrological techniques. Examples of this new astrology technique are provided for Donald Trump, Joe Biden and others in Dayology Augmented Charts.

Trump’s Natal Chart
(coming soon)

Biden’s Natal Chart
(coming soon)

If Natal Charts determine the
direction of our lives, it is perfectly
clear from these two configurations
that Trump and Biden have very
different destinies to fulfill.

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