ALMANAC – Aquarius

AQUARIUS – January 20 to February 18, Aquarians need to pour forth something of themselves because they are humanitarians at heart. They like to feel that they are helping make the world a better place. Aquarians tend to be original in their thinking and they enjoy advancing causes. They see the world as it could be and they have difficulty accepting it as it is. If the ideas of an Aquarian are rejected, they can easily move into a revolutionary stance complete with protests and boycotts.  Consequently many people view Aquarians as cranks, oddballs and malcontents. Likewise Aquarians view their critics as slowpokes, bunglers, and hypocrites. While some Aquarians prefer to operate as lone wolves, many feel comfortable in groups organized around a common concern or cause.

Aquarius Professions – Being that you are Saturn or Uranus ruled, you might give these identities some thought: Airplane Mechanic, Astrologer, Astronomer, Aviator, Club Member, Computer Programmer, Electrician, Entrepreneur, Inventor, Lecturer, Legislator, Mechanic, Motorcycle Dealer, Nuclear Physicist, Occultist, Pilot, Psychologist, Reformer, Researcher, Scientist, Software Designer, Telecommunication Marketer, X-ray Technician.

Sun Sign Health

Sun Sign Health – Aquarius rules the lower leg, shins, calves and circulation of the blood. Aquarian conditions include freak accidents, sudden illnesses, blood disorders, hypertension, cramps, fractures, weak vision, nervous disorders, swelling, varicose veins, sprains and spasms.

Rest and Recharge – An Aquarian might find these activities and localities rejuvenating: religious retreat, organic farm, cattle ranch, ghost town, archaeological dig, mountain climb, cave expedition, junk shop, hardware store, prison museum, historic monument, and invention exposition.

“As Above – So Below”
Long ago it was believed that
humans are replicas of the universe.
Each of us possess the energies
of the “sun, moon and stars” in
our being. The zodiac signs
rule the functions within our physical
body. Our job is to keep our
creation in working order.

The symbol for Aquarius is the Water Bearer.
It is the third sign of the Zodiac
and ruled by the planet Mercury.
This sign is of the AIR Element
and the MUTABLE Modality.

Aquarius Individuals

In Dayology there are seven types of Aquarius depending upon the Day Ray. Here is our growing list of Individuals born in this Sun Sign. And there is more on the way!

#11 Sunday in Aquarius
#23 Monday in Aquarius
#35 Tuesday in Aquarius
#47 Wednesday in Aquarius
#59 Thursday in Aquarius
#71 Friday in Aquarius
#83 Saturday in Aquarius

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Two out of every thirty people are born on a Cusp. Coming into this world on the 00th or 29th degrees of any zodiac sign seems to complicate matters. Learn more about the Capricorn/ Aquarius and Aquarius/ Pisces sign cusps work to give us valuable experiences.

The Constellation of Aquarius

Woodcut from “Poeticon Astronomicon, Venice Italy 1482

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