LIBRA – September 23 to October 22 Libras seek balance in everything they do. Having good manners, they are able to get along with most everyone and they try to be all things to all people.  Too often they say yes and wish they hadn’t. Some Libras create the claim that they are impartial, but actually they are aware of the power imbalances around them. They are not beyond using this information  for their own purposes when the occasion arises. They consider political intrigues fun, when it doesn’t involve themselves, and find it useful to pass along. Not only do Libras have a certain grace in deportment, they are very attractive to the opposite sex. Libras like to make a good appearance and they give their wardrobes a lot of attention. Likewise their physical surroundings reflect their graciousness. Libras want their homes to be lovely and inviting, if not lavishly appointed. When they travel they like to do so comfortably.

Libra  Professions –Being that you are Venus ruled, you might give these identities some thought: Arbitrator, Art Dealer, Attorney, Beautician, Companion, Counselor, Dilettante, Diplomat, Dressmaker, Event Planner, Fashion Designer, Florist, Furniture Maker, Guidance Counselor, Graphic Designer, Host, Human Resource Director, Interior Decorator, Jeweler, Juggler, Mediator, Musician, Negotiator, Receptionist, Socialite. Any Other Suggestions?

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“As Above – So Below”
Long ago it was believed that humans are replicas of the universe. Each of us possess the energies of the “sun, moon and stars” in our being. The zodiac signs rule the functions within our physical body. Our job is to keep our personal creation in working order.

Libra rules the kidneys, bladder, lower back, and lumbar vertebrae. Libra conditions include lower back pain, anuria, diabetes, eczema, edema, Bright’s disease, , kidney stones, renal disorders and uremia.

Rest and Recharge – A Libra Individual might find these activities and localities rejuvenating.  Art gallery, fashion show, garden party, designer boutique,theater performance, fabric shop, jewelry store, famous perfumeries, day spa, beauty pageant, garden tour, dancing class  and romantic picnic.

The symbol of Libra is set of balanced scales.

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Woodcut from “Poeticon Astronomicon”, Venice Italy 1482