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SCORPIO – October 23 to November 21 Scorpios are known for their passions and sensual appetites. Because they will try anything once, the label of sinner is often applied to them, still some Scorpios are so self-disciplined they could qualify for sainthood. From their intensity you can’t tell the difference between the two types. Scorpio operates from the edges of experience with no middle ground. It is the Scorpio who unexpected falls from high positions, or comes up shining after devastating circumstances. Like the legendary Phoenix, Scorpios exhibit a relentless hold on situations even through what appears to be defeat. But watch out, they are revengeful and hold grudges. Scorpios make the worst enemies but they are absolutely the best defenders and advocates you could ever find.

Scorpio Professions – Being that you are Mars ruled, you might give these identities some thought: Bail Bondsmen, Barber, Bill Collector, Brewer, Butcher, Chemist, Dentist, Doctor, Embalmer, Funeral Director, Insurance Agent, Inspector, Laboratory Technician, Lumberjack, Mobster, Researcher, Paleontologist, Private Investigator, Plastic Surgeon, Pharmacist, Sexologist, Scientist, Sorcerer, Spy, Undertaker, Warrior.

Sun Sign Health

Scorpio rules the appendix, anus, bladder, cervix, clitoris, descending colon, urethra, ovaries, penis, perineum, prostate, urethra, and uterus, Scorpio conditions include poisonings, abscesses, boils, discharges, nocturnal emissions, enlarged prostate, hemorrhoids, ruptures, vaginal infections, venereal disease and bowed legs.

Rest and Recharge – A Scorpio might find these activities and locations rejuvenating: Ski slope, bicycle race, shooting range, golf course, weightlifting competition, boxing match, baseball game, football game, volleyball game, political demonstration, marching parade and scenes of historic battles.

“As Above – So Below”
Long ago it was believed that
humans are replicas of the universe.
Each of us possess the energies
of the “sun, moon and stars” in
our being. The zodiac signs rule
the functions within our physical
body. Our job is to keep our
creation in working order.

Scorpio Features

Joe Biden – U.S. President #46
Will Arecibo Recover?
Part of the Solution
Red Hot Lovers
Did Samantha Bee go too Far?
Captive and Captor
Two Different Scorpios
Worth the Wait
The 2016 U.S. National Election Day
Republicans Against Trump
Unsavory Dealings and Immoral Acts
Skepticism and Wonder
Andrea Mitchell
The symbol of Scorpio is the scorpion.

Individuals Born in Scorpio

In Dayology there are seven types of Scorpio depending upon the Day Ray. Here is our growing list of Individuals born in this Sun Sign. And there is more on the way!

#20 MON SCO 
#80 SAT SCO 

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The Constellation of Scorpio

Woodcut from “Poeticon Astronomicon”, Venice Italy 1482

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