ALMANAC – Sunday

On Sunday we take a break from the daily grind and move inward to the core of our being. This one-day retreat can be spent alone or as quality time with close associates. Actually the Sun blesses any activity that connects us with our Source, like lofty contemplation, peaceful meditation or the attendance of religious services. A leisurely walk in a natural setting can achieve the same outcome. Our major problem on Sunday is shifting gears from Saturday and back to Monday. We find it difficult to actually disengage and then buckle up again for work. Whatever activities we perform on Sundays, let them still our physical body, cal our mind and refresh out spirit.

The Two-Minute Task on Sunday reestablishes our connection to our source. If the day is bright and sunny, feel the warmth of the Sun upon your skin. If the day is overcast, search for a golden glint within the clouds.  Feed some breadcrumbs to the birds. Say a special prayer for world peace. Meditate and become one with the Universe. Read the Sunday paper looking for positive events. Invite a person to share your midday meal. Take a walk and greet the people you pass with warmth.

The Dayology Hours – Every Sunday is divided into seven segments allowing each of the Day Rays to recognize the Sun as ruler of the day, while offering their own qualities to the mix.

Sunday – 12 A.M. to 3:25 A.M. – Mars Hour
Sunday – 3:25 A.M. to 6:51 A.M. – Sun Hour
Sunday – 6:51 to 10:17 A.M. – Venus Hour
Sunday – 10:17 to 1:42 P.M. – Mercury Hour
Sunday – 1:42 to 5:08 P.M. – Moon Hour
Sunday – 5:08 P.M. to 8:34 P. M – Saturn Hour
Sunday – 8:34 P. M to 12:00 A.M. – Jupiter Hour

Sunday Features

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Sunday Rulership

Sunday is ruled by the Sun, our nearest star. Astrologically the Sun governs light, power, will and vitality. Through the Sun we develop the strength of character to face the forces of our Inner Self. On Sunday we can exercise our capacity for fulfilling our commitments and honoring the Spirit in all.

Archangel Michael rules Sunday. He is the greatest of all angels in the Jewish, Christian and Islamic faiths. He embodies the holy virtues of sincerity and trust, often pictured with a sword. He will administer justice by weighing the souls in the Last Judgement. More

Those born on Sunday are Sun Types

Sun Types possess a confident bearing and a healthy vitality. Even if they do become ill, they recover with greater ease than most. They have strong passion and independent wills.  They shine when they are in charge and directing the actions of others. Sun types have the capacity to see the bigger picture and the motivation to probe into the secrets of life. They dislike being told what to do, but will model themselves after more successful figures. If they make the big mistake of viewing themselves above the law, they suffer public humiliation. In their youth, Sun types may be somewhat egotistical or selfish, but they become more personally generous or spiritually contemplative as life proceeds.

According to The Encyclopedia of Medical Astrology, the Sun is considered to be dry and hot, but also vital. Patients suffering from slow and lingering (Saturn) diseases benefit by treatments on Sunday and in Sunday hours. Common Sun ailments include fevers and inflammations. Serious Sun problems come from hereditary transmissions, circulatory problems and structural defects. People born on Sunday have strong constitutions, positive attitudes and stable outlooks.

Famous Individuals born on Sunday

In Dayology we pay great attention to the birth date. The day of the week reveals the purpose of an individual’s life and the zodiac sign describes how this purpose is implemented. Here is our growing compilation of famous individuals born on Sunday in each of the twelve Sun Signs.

#01 SUN ARI – Sunday in Aries
#02 SUN TAU – Sunday in Taurus
#03 SUN GEM – Sunday in Gemini
#04 SUN CAN – Sunday in Cancer
#05 SUN LEO – Sunday in Leo
#06 SUN VIR – Sunday in Virgo
#07 SUN LIB – Sunday in Libra
#08 SUN SCO – Sunday in Scorpio
#09 SUN SAG – Sunday in Sagittarius
#10 SUN CAP – Sunday in Capricorn
#11 SUN AQU – Sunday in Aquarius
#12 SUN PIS – Sunday in Pisces

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